FAQs: Network Connectivity and Telecoms framework
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FAQs: Network Connectivity and Telecoms framework

16 March 2021 By Robyn Lamport-Rann - Category Buyer for ICT at YPO

Network Connectivity

976 Network Connectivity and Telecommunication Solutions is our latest addition to the ICT category of frameworks. Here’s some information and top tips on how to make the most of the agreement.

976 Network Connectivity and Telecommunication Solutions is our latest addition to the ICT category of frameworks. Live from October 2020 and in place for four years, it’s now available to use by all public sector organisations. Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers, and top tips on how to make the most of the agreement.


What services are available on the framework?

This framework covers all your network connectivity and telecommunication solutions across 7 simplified lots, which are easy to understand and simple to utilise. Including WAN and LAN access solutions and the provision of digital fibre infrastructure, digital transformation services into a Smart environment using IoT technology, cyber security prevention and protection, a wide scope of communication services as well as mobile, voice and data solutions.

The scope of each lot includes products, works, and services and has been written to allow you to tailor to your specific requirements, using technology available now and that which evolves over the lifetime of the agreement.

How can I call-off?

We’ve listened to your customer feedback and so you’ll find both direct award and further competition options available. To make buying even easier, you can also carry out multi-lot call-offs on 2 or more lots, which means you can obtain all your connectivity and telecommunication requirements in just one single procurement.

We have completed a full OJEU process and thorough evaluation on all awarded suppliers, so you can call-off compliantly in whichever way suits you best – either directly to your chosen supplier or using a competitive process where you can further evaluate suppliers’ capabilities using your own additional criteria.

For even more flexibility, there’s unlimited call-off contract lengths and a total of 38 suppliers which you can choose from, 55% of which are SME’s.

Any top tips?

The idea of purchasing these kinds of services can be scary, but they shouldn’t be! Make use of the suppliers and their experiences and expertise, pre-engage, and ask all the questions you need prior to making any final decisions to help find the solution best for you.

If you can demonstrate best value using direct award, then don’t be afraid to use this option. You may find this is best suited to some situations such as low value/low complexity purchases, urgent requirements, or continuity/additions from your existing service provider. You will be responsible for the assessment of suppliers, but we can provide you with the information to support you with this.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need us! Within the team we develop, evaluate, and manage these frameworks so know them inside out and are on hand for any procurement advice. From the provision of document templates, to assisting with running your competition, we can be involved as much or as little as you need us to be.

What other benefits are there to using the framework?

Frameworks are a great enabler, providing you with access to a range of services and solutions, through quality suppliers who have all been fully evaluated in a compliant tender process and are continually monitored and managed, lowering risk to yourselves and giving you an extra peace of mind.

As this has been built from customer and supplier engagement, you’ll find a wide scope and simplified lot structure which is fit for purpose and easy to use for everyone involved. Like all YPO frameworks, it’s free to use by all UK public sector bodies, including the support we can provide. We always strive to ensure best value and that’s why there’s also a low supplier rebate charge of 0.75%.

Not only can you reduce timescales by calling off the framework (instead of running a lengthy tender process) but feel free to use our templates and straightforward call-off documents to save even more time.

With a choice of suppliers, ways to call-off and unlimited call-off lengths, it really couldn’t be any easier to purchase from.

How do I find out more?

If you’d like to know more about the framework, please visit the web page which provides lots of resources around the solutions and the suppliers, plus all the documents you will need to get started. Alternatively, you can contact the IT procurement team directly at [email protected] where we will be happy to assist you and get your procurement on its way.


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