Engaging Easter Activities for Schools
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Engaging Easter Activities for Schools

16 March 2021 By The YPO Team

Egg making

Not only are eggs topical, but they’re also a simple yet versatile resource that’s affordable and fun. We’ve rounded up our favourite egg-themed activities for primary schools and nurseries to celebrate Easter both indoors and out. Have fun!

Eggs are often associated with Easter and Spring – but why you ask? The story of the Easter Bunny, which became popular in the 19th century, says that the bunny laid, decorated, and then hid eggs as a symbol of new life.

Here's some of our egg-cellent activities that you could get your class involved in this year:

Decorate your own eggs

This hands-on activity incorporates arts, crafts, messy play and imagination. Children will love using their creativity and sharing their creations with their friends and taking them home.

Easter egg hunt

A firm favourite for Easter, you can’t go wrong with an Easter egg hunt! Our free printable egg basket is ideal for your Easter egg hunt. Hide the eggs around your chosen location; arrange children into groups and then assign them each a colour. The first group back with most or all their coloured eggs are the winners! You could even get the children to hide the eggs they decorate – which of their friends will find it first?

Nature hunt

Want to try something different to your typical Easter egg hunt? Instead of looking for eggs that are filled, get them to find bits of nature that can fill the eggs up again. It's great for getting them to run around outside and explore nature.

Egg relay race

Split the kids into teams and have a member from each team search for an egg. Once they've found an egg, they tag the next teammate — just like a traditional relay race! We recommend you ditch the mess for this one and stick to some trusty plastic eggs!

Sensory search

Something for babies and toddlers! If you have a kids pool, rice table or sandbox, bury some eggs and give kids shovels and scoopers and tell them to dig in! It'll be a sensory experience for them, exposing them to different textures.

Let the fun begin! For more ideas, products, and resources, check out our dedicated Easter page. 


A special thanks to Rainbow Day Care in Hoyland, Barnsley for sending us their Easter activity photos.

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