Easy Father's Day crafting with Pritt
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Easy Father's Day crafting with Pritt

13 June 2022 By The YPO Team

father's day craft activities

Father's day is the perfect time to show your appreciation to those who are special to you, and there is no gift quite as special as something handmade! Pritt have created a downloadable crafting guide to help you to get creative and make someone's day this Father's day!

Create a fun Father's Day gift with Pritt! Pritt have created a free Father's Day crafting guide to make your own Father's Day cup. Click here to download your free Father's Day crafting guide and get creative!

Look no further for easy and fun Father's Day crafts with Pritt’s Father's Day celebration cup. Encourage creativity and imagination with our latest crafting video with Pritt. Watch Pritt’s how-to video below, or follow the instructions underneath, to make your own Father's Day gift. 

What you’ll need:

- Free Pritt Stick crafting template

- Cardboard

- Toilet roll tube

- Paper cups

- Coloured paper 

- Coloured pencils/pens

- Pritt Stick

- Scissors

How to make:

1. Using a recycled toilet roll tube as a guide, make a hole in the bottom of two paper cups.

2. Glue the paper cups to the toilet roll tube using your Pritt Stick, by pushing the tube through the cut-out holes.

3. Colour and decorate the icons provided on the free Pritt Stick crafting template, or create your own inspired by the recipient's favourite hobbies!

4. Once the decorations are ready, carefully cut them out and use your Pritt Stick to glue them to the cup.

5. Using the cardboard, cut out two handles and glue these to the sides of the cup, using your Pritt Stick.

6. Gift your cup to someone special to make their day this Father's Day!


We would love to see what you have been creating so don't forget to share photos of your Father's Day creations on social media with us! #CraftWithPritt!


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