Christmas craft activities for children
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Christmas craft activities for children

07 December 2021 By The YPO Team

Snowman craft

Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy festive craft activities (unless you’re Scrooge or The Grinch), especially if they’re quick, easy and fun! Here are four interactive craft activity ideas you can steal this year, all made using paper plates.

Let’s make jingle bells

Jingle all the way home with this fab craft activity, using real bells!


  1. First, paint your paper plate a dazzling gold colour.
  2. Fold the outer edges of the plate to create a triangle (make sure to leave a small hole at the top), glue and stick down the sides into place.
  3. Cut elastic and tie a bell to each end.
  4. Bring the bells together with one hanging lower than the other and tie a large knot at the top, to form a loop.
  5. Thread the loop through the hole at the top of the folded plate and the knot should stop the plate from falling.
  6. Glue and stick holly and ivy onto the plate for decoration.
  7. Now, your bell is ready for jingling!

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Let’s make a snowman

Help children countdown to Christmas Day with this cute frosty snowman craft.


  1. Start by cutting out all the bits you’ll need to stick onto the plate to create the snowman. (A nose using orange paper and eyes, a mouth and a hat using black paper) You could also use different coloured paper for the accessories, to make each snowman stand out!
  2. Position the nose in the centre of a white paper plate and use a paper fastener to attach it to the plate.
  3. Using glue, stick on your eyes, mouth and hat.
  4. Write the numbers 1-25 around the visible edges of the plate and the phrase ‘Days until Christmas’ on the hat.
  5. You can now move your snowman’s nose around to and point each day leading up to Christmas!

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Let’s make Santa

Children will love seeing Santa shoot down the chimney with this activity. Psst. He actually moves!


  1. Paint one third of the paper plate dark brown and the other two thirds black to create a brown roof and a dark night sky.
  2. Cut out some red trousers and black boots using coloured card. Then cut out some legs using white card.
  3. Stick the trousers and boots to the white legs, making sure to leave a gap between the bottom of the trousers and the top of the boots.
  4. Paint a lolly stick black and glue both legs to the top so they are upside down, in a ‘V’ shape.
  5. Create a slit on the brown painted part of the plate, so that the lolly stick can fit through without falling out.
  6. Cut a chimney out of a light brown coloured paper/card and add lines to create a brick effect, glue outer edges onto the plate covering the slit to create a pocket. Make sure not to glue the full chimney down as your lolly stick won’t be able to slide through.
  7. Push the lolly stick downwards through the slit created behind the chimney from the front.
  8. The legs will now move up and down, giving the illusion of Santa going down the chimney!

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Let’s make Rudolph

Here’s another way you can create a Christmas countdown craft, this time using Santa’s cute, red nosed sidekick, Rudolph!


  1. Paint a brown triangle onto a paper plate and cut it out (this will be Rudolph’s face!)
  2. Draw and cut a tail and antlers out of brown paper, a nose from red paper and some black and white circles for eyes
  3. Paint another paper plate brown
  4. Glue the face onto the top right corner of the brown paper plate, so that the triangle’s point is facing down, then stick on the nose, eyes, and antlers
  5. Cut out a tail using the brown card, position it onto the centre of the plate and attach with a paper fastener.
  6. Write the numbers 1-25 around the visible edges of the plate and the phrase ‘Days until Christmas’ on the tail.
  7. You can now move Rudolph’s tail around and point to each day leading up to Christmas!

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