Celebrate Earth Day with Pritt
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Celebrate Earth Day with Pritt

19 April 2022 By The YPO Team

children celebrating earth day

Get crafty this Earth Day with the help of Pritt! Pritt strives to bring schools, homes and offices around the world the best crafting solutions possible, whilst caring for our planet. Celebrate Earth Day by creating a fun earth mobile.

Look no further for the perfect Earth Day craft with Pritt’s easy-to-make Earth Day mobile. Click here to download your free Earth Day crafting guide, ideal for teaching children about the significance of Earth Day and the importance of looking after our planet.

The world is full of beautiful places and landscapes, and we need to take care of it using eco-friendly products. Pritt Stick is made from 97% natural ingredients, predominantly potato starch, sugar and water, allowing children and crafters to get creative in a way that is both safe and sustainable. 

Pritt’s Earth Day craft activity is simple and easy to make, ideal for a range of ages. Watch Pritt’s how-to video below, or follow the instructions underneath, to make your own Earth Day mobile. 

What you’ll need:

- Free Pritt Stick crafting template

- Coloured paper

- Card

- Coloured pencils/pens

- Pritt Stick

- Scissors

- String

- Paper straw

How to make:

1. Using cardboard, cut out a large circle, which will form the shape of your Earth. Make sure to add a tab at the top and the bottom – you’ll need this later!

2. Once you’ve got your Earth, draw and colour some shapes on it to make up the different countries.

3. Next up, decorate your paper straw with coloured paper. Simply wrap a strip of paper around the straw, and glue it into place with your Pritt Stick.

4. Using your Pritt Stick, glue the paper straw to the bottom tab on your Earth – this is what your mobile pieces will hang from!

5. Using pens or pencils, colour and decorate the figures provided on the Pritt crafting template, and cut them out.

6. With some paper or string, hang your figures onto the straw. Simply glue a strip of paper or piece of string onto the back of the figures, and attach the other end to the straw.

7. Using the top tab on your Earth, you can hang your finished Earth Day mobile up!

Pritt’s commitment to sustainability is seen not only through the adhesive formula but also through the glue stick itself. The 43g Pritt Stick is made from 65% recycled plastic, whilst the 11g and 22g sticks contain 40% recycled plastic. In fact, the glue stick, including its cap, is 100% recyclable - meaning your Pritt Stick is now more sustainable than ever before! 

With Pritt’s new formula, the team at Pritt have found that a focus on sustainability in no way means a compromise on quality. As such, Pritt sticks air-tight packaging ensures that glue does not dry out – allowing consumers to keep the same stick for longer! Stick naturally with Pritt! 

We would love to see what you have been creating so don't forget to share photos of your Earth Day creations on social media with us! #PrittStickNaturally

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