Britney's apprenticeship journey
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Britney's apprenticeship journey

04 February 2022 By Britney Cotterill - Further Competition Co-ordinator of HR at YPO

Britney Cotterill

Britney Cotterill joined YPO in 2018 as an apprentice, and is now a Further Competition Co-ordinator for HR in the procurement services team.

How did you decide YPO was the correct path for you?

I started at YPO in July 2018, a couple of my high school friends were already apprentice’s at YPO, and they gave me the courage to apply when the apprenticeships vacancies went live. I knew YPO was the right path for me as it offered a lot of progression opportunities and benefits that many other businesses don’t. I also had a positive induction and a warm welcome!

Why did you choose the apprenticeship route and what benefits does it offer?

After finishing college, I always knew the next step for me was an apprenticeship as I wanted to learn and earn money at the same time, it gave me the opportunity for a route into a workplace. There are so many benefits to an apprenticeship scheme, especially here at YPO as you have countless opportunities to do better and progress. You are constantly learning new skills, meeting new people, and most importantly making lifelong friends.

Where did your journey start at YPO and where are you now?

I started in 2018 as a Business Administration apprentice, then I progressed to the YPO food department, which lead me to a permanent role in the business services team. After two years of learning new skills, developing and gaining new knowledge I then began my journey in the HR services team as a further competition co-ordinator.

What do you enjoy most about your role as an apprentice and now?

My role as an apprentice was fun and exciting as you were always learning something new, working in different teams which gave you an insight of how the business runs overall. As a further competition co-ordinator in HR services, I am enjoying learning all about procurement and YPO’s frameworks. As a further competition co-ordinator, I look after a range of HR services’ frameworks, downloading and evaluating bids for our Training 999 DPS, helping customers with their further competitions and many other tasks.

Describe your role in 3 words:

Interesting, varied and rewarding

Why did you choose procurement?

When I first started my apprenticeship, I was always intrigued on what procurement was and how the frameworks worked. After three years of gaining more knowledge and becoming more confident within myself, I knew it was time to take the opportunity when it came up in the HR services team. I am now gaining procurement knowledge every day and learning about new frameworks, even using my understanding to help the buyers in my team extend current frameworks that we have in place. This is an exciting opportunity for me.

What’s next?

For a while I was unsure on what I wanted as a career, but after being at YPO for almost four years it has made me realise admin/procurement is something I am good at and would like to peruse even more in the future. At the moment, I am very happy with my current role as further competition co-ordinator but hopefully one day I will work my way up to be an assistant buyer and achieve bigger things!


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