10 reasons why Yorkshire is 'reyt good'
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10 reasons why Yorkshire is 'reyt good'

18 August 2021 By The YPO Team


Yorkshire is YPO’s heritage – this is where we were first established almost 50 years ago and where we still operate from today. Just for fun, we’ve put together our top 10 reasons why Yorkshire is so great.

1. Yorkshire is home to some of the best food.

A Sunday roast just wouldn’t be the same without delicious Yorkshire puddings (and the staple of other great meals like toad in the hole). It’s also home to some of the best beverages- nothing says Yorkshire more than a reet good brew!


2. The landscapes of Yorkshire are beautiful.

Whether you’re looking at a dramatic urban landscape such as Leeds or stunning natural scenery like the moors, there’s nowhere more beautiful in the UK than Yorkshire.

3. People from Yorkshire have a unique, distinct accent

‘Broad Yorkshire’ is the most common name for the one-of-a-kind Yorkshire accent. No matter where you are you know who’s ‘born and bred’ in Yorkshire just by listening to the way that they speak. The accent gives us some great sayings which leads us onto point four…

4. Some of the best sayings come from Yorkshire!

There’s an abundance of phrases and sayings like bobby dazzler, by gum, ‘ey up, giore and allreet that are prefect to spice up your speech. One of the most common, hilarious sayings from Yorkshire is ‘Were tha born in a barn?’ which is what you would say to someone who leaves the door open for too long, letting in all the cold air.

5. Yorkshire is ethnically diverse.

Around 10% of Yorkshire’s residents weren’t born in the UK. There are a lot of different traditions and celebrations which helps to make the culture so diverse.

6. A lot of real talent comes from Yorkshire.

Musicians and bands like Arctic Monkeys, Ed Sheeran, The Human League, and Kaiser Chiefs all originate in Yorkshire. Oh, and we’re home to famous actors and comedians too! Legends Sean Bean, Jeremy Clarkson and Keith Lemon all come from ‘God’s own country’.

7. Yorkshire’s national heritage is great.

There are plenty of treasured places like York Minster, Whitby Abbey and Castle Howard. This means people in Yorkshire are never short of an educational day out.

8. Many TV programmes are set in Yorkshire

You can thank Yorkshire for TV shows like Heartbeat, Emmerdale and Downton Abbey. These shows are really popular in households across the UK, with Downton Abbey having a staggering 8.8million viewers for its finale.

9. Yorkshire has some very successful athletes.

Jessica Ennis, Olympic gold medallist, world champion in heptathlon was born in Sheffield. The ever amazing England player Harry Maguire is also from Sheffield (no one beats those headers!)

10. Many esteemed writers come from Yorkshire

Including the Brontë sisters, J. B. Priestley, Alan Bennett and Ted Hughes. This means that many great literary works began in Yorkshire; Jane Eyre, Dracula and The Lady in The Van.
We could go on for hours and hours about why Yorkshire is great.Let us know what you love about Yorkshire on our Twitter @ypoinfo or Facebook
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