Emergency Services | Emergency Response and Rescue Equipment DPS - 1110
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Emergency Response and Rescue Equipment DPS - 1110

Emergency response rescue equipment

Emergency Response and Rescue Equipment for the Emergency Services and Wider Public Sector.

This DPS provides a compliant route to market for a range of emergency response equipment and garments such as but not limited to water rescue equipment, including protective clothing and footwear. Hoses and pumps, working at heights equipment, vehicle stabilising and cutting equipment, RTC and lighting. Rescue tools including lances and battery-powered tools, portable and pop-up shelters, thermal imaging cameras, PPV fans, smoke curtains and land & sand rescue.

Both products and services can be procured via this DPS.

Who can use the framework?

The framework agreement is available to all public sector bodies, including Emergency Services, central government and the wider public sector, social housing organisations, and voluntary and community sector bodies.

Period: 17 June 2022 - 16 June 2026
Extension Opportunities: +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 (maximum of 10 years)
OJEU Framework Notice: TBC
OJEU Award Notice: TBC
Geographic Coverage: National

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  • Reduced timescales – Customers don’t need to run a full OJEU procurement through this framework as it has already been done by YPO. All you need to do is identify your requirements, present them to the market and award a contract.


This also benefits suppliers as they only need to complete on OJEU procurement.


  • Ease of use – Simple to use with expert advice available from YPO.


  • Excellent choice of supplier – more details can be found on the supplier tab or the user guide


  • Legality – A fully legal framework in line with EU regulations


  • Assured supplier standards – Providers are ‘pre-qualified’ as to their general suitability, which means when buying services from them, customers are assured they can meet specified requirements


  • Aggregation of spend – customers will receive the benefits of an aggregated volume of spend and the benefits associated with an increased leverage on the market


  • Pre-defined terms and conditions – terms and conditions of the contract have already been established, and signed and accepted by suppliers.


Free support available

The route to market for this solution is via a further competition and our experienced team are on hand to help you through every step of this process – offering practical advice and support when you need it.

Our free support includes:

Further competition support

    • Assistance with or management of the supplier pre-engagement
    • Assistance and guidance in the drafting of the documentation, including the provision of template documents
    • Advice on the specification, including the provision of anonymised specifications
    • Advice on the award criteria, including sustainability to ensure compliance
    • Advertising the further competition on YPO’s e-tendering portal – ProContract, and full administration of the process, including clarification log management
             There are three ways to run a further competition via ProContract
                  1. YPO can administer the full end-to-end further competition process
                  2. Request temporary access to ProContract and run the further competition yourself or with our support
                  3. If you're a current user of ProContract you can access and use our solutions directly without our involvement. View the 'How to access YPO’s frameworks directly' user guide.
    • Running or supporting the evaluation process
    • Moderation of the evaluation process
    • Drafting/checking award and rejection letters, including provision of template documents

Standard documents available

   • Further competition template
Specification examples
   • Example award questions
   • Pricing matrix
   • Award and rejection letters
   • Call-off contract terms and conditions


  • Lot 1 - Water Rescue Equipment Including Protective Clothing and Footwear - Products / Services

  • Lot 2 - Hoses, Pumps and Associated Products / Services

  • Lot 3 - Working at Heights Equipment - Products / Services

  • Lot 4 - Vehicle Stabilising and Cutting Equipment – RTC - Products / Services

  • Lot 5 - Lighting and Associated Products / Services

  • Lot 6 - Rescue Tools Including Lances and Battery Powered Tools - Products / Services

  • Lot 7 - Portable and Pop-up Shelter and Associated Products / Services

  • Lot 8 - Thermal Imaging Cameras and Associated Products / Services

  • Lot 9 - Smoke Control - PPV Fans, Smoke Curtains and Associated Products / Services

  • Lot 10 - Land & Sand Rescue - Products / Services

“Once again, I used the Emergency Services Framework with ease and gained the assurance that all suppliers were capable of delivering the contract. We went through a further competition process and the framework gave us the flexibility and also a significant reduction in the procurement timescale.”

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service



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