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Road Marking & Surfacing - 772

Road Marking
A DPS for the supply of road marking and surfacing products, equipment and services, retroreflectivity testing equipment and services. This includes but is not limited to the cleaning/removal of road markings, graffiti and surface treatments; the supply and installation of permeable surfaces, non-permeable surfaces and road traffic management installation and monitoring services associated with these works. These products and services will be used on public highways, carparks, recreational areas, sports grounds, drives, footpaths, cyclepaths and runways.

NEW SUPPLIERS - to be included in the opportunities on this DPS, register and apply for free on the YPO - Due North E-Tendering system.
Period: 20 October 2017 - 19 October 2024
Extension Opportunities: None
OJEU Framework Notice: 2017/S 161-332044
OJEU Award Notice:
Geographic Coverage: National

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  • Category 1 - Supply of road marking, surfacing, removal products and equipment
    • Road marking materials, paints, graphics, signs and lines
    • Road studs, asphalt repair, surface dressing, anti-slip surfacing, high friction surfacing, permeable, non-permeable, decorative surface products, lawns and artificial grass
    • Road marking equipment and machinery supply, service and repair
    • Road marking, graffiti and gum removal products
    • Road marking, graffiti and gum removal equipment, machinery supply, service and repair

    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Category 2 - Supply and installation service providers for road marking, surfacing, removal products and equipment
    • Road marking, installation of road studs, sports ground marking, asphalt repair, surface dressing, re-surfacing, road planing, anti-slip surfacing, high friction surfacing, pothole repairs, permeable, non-permeable, decorative surfacing services, lawns and artificial grass
    • Graffiti, road marking and gum removal services
    • Bridge joints and overbanding services

    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Category 3 - Supply of retroreflectivity equipment
    • Retroreflectometers and gauges – hand held and vehicle mounted
    • Impact testing and skid resistance testing equipment
    • Callibration and repair services for retroreflectometer and testing equipment

    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Category 4 - Service providers for retroreflectivity testing services
    • Road marking retro-reflectivity surveys
    • Road sign inventory and retro-reflectivity surveys
    • 360 degree video survey
    • Highway asset data collection
    • Street light illumination surveys

    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Category 5 - Supply and installation of temporary traffic management
    • Design, installation and maintenance of road closures, diversions
    • Provision of temporary traffic regulation orders
    • Motorway closures and diversions, motorway lane closures, hard shoulder closures, dual carriageway closures and diversions, dual carriageway lane closures, mobile works, road closures, diversions, variable message signs, control barriers, sign and roadside lighting, signage, site surveys, CAD drawings

    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • YPO can fully manage the customers further competition (call-off) process if required.


  • Reduced timescales – customers do not need to run a full OJEU procurement if procuring via the framework agreement.


  • Assured supplier standards – suppliers/providers are ‘pre-qualified’ as to their general suitability.


  • Aggregation of spend - customers will receive the benefits of the aggregated spend volume and increased leverage in the market.


  • Pre-defined terms and conditions – when awarding contracts customers have the option to use YPO’s standard framework agreement terms and conditions as established or use their own terms and conditions. 

  • Flexibility to respond to changes in the market and offer local suppliers/providers and SME’s the opportunity to bid and be awarded to the DPS.

  • Suppliers/providers not meeting the minimum standard for admittance onto the DPS can resubmit.

  • Ainsty Timber Marketing Limited trading as ATM

  • Anti-Graffiti Systems Limited as AGS One

  • Archway Highway Services Ltd

  • Cemex UK Operations Ltd

  • Central Traffic Management Ltd

  • Chevron Traffic Management Limited

  • CR Civil Engineering Limited

  • Dryden Line Marketing

  • Event Traffic Control Limited

  • Evergreens UK Ltd T/A LazyLawn

  • Express Traffic Management Limited

  • Falcon Surfacing Ltd

  • FM Conway Limited

  • Highway Civil Engineering Ltd

  • HW Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd

  • International Applications Ltd

  • Jack Coupe & Sons Limited T/A Coupe Line

  • JD Surfacing & Civil Engineering Ltd

  • Kiely Bros

  • Lane Rental Services Ltd

  • Langford Direct Ltd T/A Sudstech, Trailflex and Ceramapave

  • MadiganGill Logistics Limited

  • Maltaward (Barriers) Ltd

  • Mark It Right Limited

  • Markon Limited

  • Meon Limited

  • Pavement Testing Services Limited

  • Pinkney Building Contractors Ltd

  • Premier Traffic Management Limited

  • Rhino Asphalt Solutions Ltd

  • Riggott and Co Limited

  • Roadsafe Traffic Management Limited

  • Road Traffic Solutions Ltd

  • Roadmarking Excel Ltd

  • Roadway UK (TM) Ltd

  • Samnet Limited

  • SAS Lining Services Limited

  • Seymour Civil Engineering (Contractors) Ltd

  • Specialist Surfacing Ltd

  • Sunbelt Rentals Limited

  • Tarmac Trading Limited

  • Tim Doody & Co Ltd

  • Traffic Direct Limited

  • Trustseal Ltd

  • V.G. Clements (Contractors) Limited

  • Ward Plane Limited

  • WJ North Ltd


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