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Insurance Brokerage Framework and Insurance Placement DPS

Insurance brokerage and placement
YPO has worked in partnership with ESPO and NEPO to create an insurance solution that addresses the challenges you are facing when it comes to procuring insurance cover. Following intense market research and engagement the insurance solution structure has been split into two separate contractual arrangements;

1. Insurance Brokerage and Associated Service Framework Agreement;
The insurance brokerage and associated service framework allows for direct comparison of each insurance broker and allows customers to appoint one chosen insurance broker as the customer representative on matters relating to insurance.

2. Insurance Placement Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)
The Dynamic Purchasing System provides access to pre-qualified insurance providers offering provision of all classes of insurance.

This arrangement keeps the choice of an insurance broker and an insurer separate so you can drive real value from both processes.

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Extension Opportunities:
OJEU Framework Notice:
OJEU Award Notice:
Geographic Coverage: National

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 Framework Period 05 July 2019 - 04 July 2023
  Extension Opportunities None  
 OJEU Contract Notice  2019/S 094-227488
 OJEU Award Notice   2019/S 180-439260
 Geographic Coverage  National



Insurance brokers play a key role in the procurement of insurance as they are a full time specialist, with professional skills in handling the insurance business, providing customers with advice on existing programmes. Our Insurance Brokerage framework is designed to allow for a direct award of the contract to the chosen insurance broker or to allow for a bench-marking exercise of insurance brokers knowledge and market strengths. The aim is to create better transparency and understanding around the use of an insurance broker, and on how to appoint one, so in the next step the insurance procurement process a real competition and value for money can be generated.

Benefits of insurance broker:

  • Access to insurance expertise and knowledge
  • Achieves value for money in insurance programmed design
  • Ability to service all areas of the business including placement of niche and specialist covers
  • Supports your disclosure of material information
  • Access to consultancy advice on diverse range of risks and issues relating to insurance
  • Advices on new risks and coverage required, value added solutions and innovation

A broker is your gateway to the insurance market. Without them you will limit your insurance competition.

The Broker awarded on to this framework are:

  • Advisory Insurance Brokers Limited
  • AJ Gallagher
  • Aon
  • Brian Johnston
  • GMG
  • Griffiths Armour
  • Marsh
  • Willis

 Framework Period 30th July 2019 - 29th July 2024
  Extension Opportunities None  
 OJEU Contract Notice  2019/S 106-259145
 Geographic Coverage  National


Insurance Placement Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

The insurance market is dominated by a few market leaders who can offer all types of classes of insurance. However, there are a big number of insurers who are niche or specialist, who do not have the capacity to deliver all the insurance requirements but will be able to offer competitive quotes on individual lines. Also the nature of the insurance market is cyclical, characterised by fluctuating availability of insurers. Insurers join and leave the public sector depending on the market conditions.

The insurance placement DPS has been set up to benefit both insurers and tendering customers. The approach allows you to:

  • customise your requirement
  • access dynamic and fluid insurance market
  • increase competition and shape the market as insurers can join an any time during the DPS's period of validity
  • procure any type of cover including highly specialist and niche insurance
  • streamline the process as both insurers and the types of covers can be easily identified
  • create a level playing field for insurers

YPO's team is continuously working with the insurance industry to ensure the DPS offers the best route to the insurance market

Suppliers can join the DPS at any time, at the moment the following suppliers have been awarded on to the DPS:

  • Aioi Nissay Dow insurance UK Limited (ANDI UK)
  • Alesco Risk Management
  • Allianz Insurance Plc
  • Aon Underwriting Manager
  • Ark Syndicate Management Ltd T/A Trafalgar
  • Aspen Insurance UK Limited
  • Avid Insurance Services Ltd
  • Aviva PLC
  • British Engineering Services Limited
  • Catlin Insurance Company UK (AXA)
  • Chubb European Group
  • First Underwriting Ltd
  • Hiscox Syndicates Limited
  • Maven Public Sector
  • Morrison Edwards Insurance Services
  • Motor Accident Protection Service Ltd
  • NFU Mutual
  • Ocaso SA
  • Pen Underwriting
  • Protector Forsikring ASA
  • QBE European Operations
  • Risk Management Partners
  • Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc
  • SAGIC Limited
  • Travellers Ins Co Ltd
  • Volante Global t/a Edison Motors
  • Zurich


Why UK councils need to collaborate to thrive - Supply Management Insider and YPO

Engagement is essential to help local authorities navigate and mitigate the tough times ahead. The Supply Management Insider discuss how YPO can support local authorities with knowledge of the insurance market and relationships with top suppliers. 


Insurance Brokerage and Insurance Solution Overview

We have worked in partnership with ESPO and NEPO to create an insurance solution that address’s the challenges you are facing when it comes to procuring insurance cover. 


Gallagher’s Public Sector and Education webinar series 


We found YPO extremely helpful when using their framework in our requirement to appoint companies for two insurance service projects. Sarah and Maria from the Corporate and Financial Services Team provided the required guidance and support on all stages of the process from the specification of our needs through to the award of contract. This in turn ensured that we achieved a successful outcome in appointing the right provider for both projects.

Bury Council

We were very happy with the efficiency of all staff who were always quick to respond to queries. Overall we feel the tender process went as smooth as it could and we achieved savings compared to last year whilst not compromising on any of the contracts.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

YPO provided an easy to use facility to advertise the opportunity to bid for the Powys County Council insurance programme. Of particular note was the ease in which clarifications were able to be raised by bidders and how these were communicated to the council. The Insurance Placement DPS ensured that time was not wasted on assessment of bidders to ensure compliance with financial security requirements and other bid compliance matters. These activities would have had to have been completed by the council had the framework agreement not been in place, diverting attention away from the core functions and facilitation of the insurance programme re-tender. YPO officers were quick to respond to queries and provided an excellent route to market for the council.

Powys County Council

The YPO service provided a clear and transparent procurement process for this contract. The overall process was simple to follow and ensured that the service could be supplied within the required deadlines.

Derby Homes

Framework documents and templates were very helpful and as always assistance by the YPO team excellent.

Chester West and Chester Council

Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff for whom no request or query was too much trouble. Access to a ready pool of pre-qualified insurers, keen to do business with the public sector, leading to high quality competitive bids for every lot. Straightforward process, enabled by effective and efficient support from the insurance team.

Warrington Council


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