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Light Commercial Catering - 753

Commercial catering plates
This framework is for the supply of Light Catering Contractual goods, including:

Lot 2: Light Catering Contractual

W V Howe, Bunzl UK, Brake Bros and Nisbets PLC

Who can use the framework?
The framework is available to the wider public sector, social housing organisations and voluntary and community sector bodies. For a full list of eligible customers please see the following link:

How can I use this framework:
Customers can ‘call off’ from this framework agreement (i.e. use this framework to establish a contract) via direct award or mini competition.
Direct Call-Off Order - Customers are able to identify the supplier who can provide the lowest priced goods/services to meet their individual requirements. The customer is able to directly approach the supplier and issue a direct order to them.
Mini-competition - Customers who are not able to identify the supplier who they can provide the lowest price for goods/services are able to undertake a mini-competition involving all suppliers.

Step 1 - Complete the Customer Access Agreement and return to YPO.
Step 2 - Review the User Guide to establish whether your needs can be met by a single supplier or whether you need to conduct a Further Competition. Page 10 contains more information on how to place an order. If you decide that a single supplier can meet your requirements based on the pricing and/ or other information provided in the User Guide simply place an order with that supplier. Alternatively, if you decide you need to conduct a Further Competition you may do so by seeking quotations from all of the suppliers that are able to meet your requirements. More specific details on how to conduct a further competition can be found in the user guide.

For a copy of the user guide please get in touch with us at [email protected] or call us on 01924 834857
Period: 01 September 2017 - 31 August 2021
Extension Opportunities: None
OJEU Framework Notice: 2016/S 233-425211
OJEU Award Notice: 2017/S 049-089632
Geographic Coverage: National

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  • Reduced timescales Customers don’t need to run a full OJEU procurement through this framework as it has already been done by YPO. All you need to do is identify your requirements, present them to the market and award a contract. This also benefits suppliers as they only need to complete OJEU procurement.

  • Ease of useSimple to use with expert advice available from YPO.

  • Excellent choice of supplier - more details can be found on the supplier tab or the user guide

  • Legality - A fully legal framework in line with EU regulations

  • Assured supplier standards - Providers are ‘pre-qualified’ as to their general suitability, which means when buying services from them, customers are assured they can meet specified requirements

  • Aggregation of spend - customers will receive the benefits of an aggregated volume of spend and the benefits associated with an increased leverage on the market

  • Pre-defined terms and conditions - terms and conditions of the contract have already been established, signed and accepted by suppliers.


Brake Bros Ltd is now the UK’s leading Food Service Solutions Company. With over 26,000 products across the group and nearly 60 years’ experience in the catering industry, we remain committed to the ongoing improvement of our food and services. With 27,000 daily deliveries comprising of 500,000 items we ensure quality, variety and value.

Lockhart supplier

Our dedicated resources include three regional offices and a central National Accounts office, which together provide nationwide coverage. Our unrivalled product range comprises more than 18,000 stocked products, covering all your catering equipment needs. Our team are highly experienced professionals, ensuring that the customer is always dealing with someone who has in-depth product knowledge and expertise.

Nisbets supplier

Established in 1983 on the basic principle of high quality catering equipment affordably priced. Today Nisbets products cover everything from refrigeration to pastry, cooking machines to knives, and everything in between. Our head office is based in Bristol, with offices in Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and Australia. 

WV Howe supplier

Established by Walter V Howe in Birmingham in 1945, W.V. Howe has a proud family history as a leading wholesale catering equipment supplier. Servicing businesses across the UK with a standard stock range of over 4,000 products, we cover the whole spectrum of equipment for the food service industry from catering utensils and fine dining, to polycarbonate tableware, glassware and much more.


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