YPO Frameworks - Emergency Services | Drones, Associated Products and Services - 992

Drones, Associated Products and Services - 992

Flying drone with remote control
This framework is here to support the Emergency Services, Blue Light and other public sector bodies in the purchase of drones (UAVs) and associated products and services.
The framework not only offers the purchase of drones and their accessories but services such as the hire of drones and their pilots to inspect buildings or landscaping. Along with repairs and maintenance the framework also offers training services and licensing so you can ensure you and your pilots are fully compliant.
Framework Period: 21 January 2020 - 20 January 2022
Extension Opportunities: Option to extend for 2 years
OJEU Framework Notice: 2019/S 218-534434
OJEU Award Notice:
Geographic Coverage: National

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  • Lot 1 - Drones (UAVs) Purchase
    Drones purchase lot. Open for further competition to enable you to purchase a drone(s) that meets your exact requirements.
    Please make reference to the User Guide for minimum specification used at award stage of ITT.
    Suppliers: 7

  • Lot 2 - Associated Products
    Associated products such as daylight cameras, thermal cameras, dual day/IR cameras, tablets/controller screens, other payloads, lighting, loudspeakers, delivery system, parachutes, other sensors, cases, backpacks are available to procure via further competition.
    Suppliers: 7

  • Lot 3 - Associated Services
    A wide variety of services can be procured via further competition. For example; drone and polit hire, leasing options, bespoke packages such as software, payload, livestream transmitter are available.
    Suppliers: 7

  • Lot 4 - Repairs, Maintenance and Service
    Three levels of packages have been set to support you in the maintenance of your drone(s).
    Please make reference to the user guide for further information.
    Suppliers: 3

  • Aviation Systems Group Ltd

  • BuzzFlyer Ltd

  • Colena Ltd

  • DFS Autonomous Services LLC

  • Evolve Dynamics Ltd

  • Excelerate Technology

  • GeoAccess Ltd

  • Inspectahire Instrument Company Limited

  • Iprosurv Limited

  • iRed Ltd

  • Marlborough Communications Limited

  • Martek Drones Ltd (Also t/a Coptrz.com)

  • Skyports


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