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Energy for Schools

Focus your energy on our future generations, not your bills

Whether you’re a school, making the transition into an academy or you’ve recently converted, you’ve got a million and one things to think about. Something you might not have considered is who supplies your energy.

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Here’s how it works...

How YPO can help you...

We’re the spark to brighten up your contracts

Like most schools and academies, we’re a public sector organisation too. We were set up in the 1970s to help schools and local authorities save money on products and contract agreements such as food and catering, buildings and grounds maintenance, ICT and energy.

We work with major energy suppliers to deliver competitive and transparent prices, with terms and conditions that benefit our education customers - along with great service too.

Our customers receive bills directly from the suppliers on our energy contract with all costs and charges transparently detailed for them. They can be assured that we’ve worked hard to achieve competitive pricing on their behalf.

More than 3,500 school accounts managed by YPO
Top 5 reasons to choose YPO Trusted by schools - More than 3,500 school accounts managed by YPO Reduce your bills - We’re 10% cheaper against the average wholesale market cost. By trading your energy volumes intelligently, understanding market demands and by reviewing your whole bill we aim to keep your costs as low as possible Hassle free energy - Our experts ensure your school complies with all procurement legislation. We’ll also help you understand your energy bills, which isn't always easy Never hidden charges - Because we're a not for profit organisation, there are no commercial management fees that some energy brokers charge. The savings are passed straight to you Your energy partners - Our energy experts are never more than a click or call away. We help validate your bills, provide access to your billing information online, and keep you up to date with changes to the energy market too
Start saving on energy - the power is in your hands!
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Dig out a recent gas and electricity bill...

... that you’ve received directly from your existing energy supplier or local authority.

Start saving on energy - 2

Contact the supplier...

... or local authority to find out your contract renewal date.

Start saving on energy - 3

We will analyse your bill...

... search the energy market and find out if we can save you money on your next contract. We won’t do the heavy sell or pester you. We will simply provide the information you need, and you are then free to make the best decision for your school. We even have a range of contracting options to deliver a bit more budget certainty, if that’s your preference.

Please email us a signed Letter of Authority (LoA) in order for us to analyse your bill and give you a full picture of where you could be saving money.

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Let’s explain how it works... explanation diagram 1 explanation diagram 1 Want a chat with our energy experts? Click here » - Don’t worry if you haven’t got any invoices/bills to hand, we just want to see how we could help save your school some money
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