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Did you know YPO manages over 3,500 school energy accounts across the UK?

Buying gas and electricity for a school or number of schools in your local authority? Let us brighten up your day and show you a simpler and more efficient way of buying energy...

Like you, we're a public sector organisation. We were set up in the 1970s to help schools and local authorities save money on products and contract agreements such as food and catering, building and grounds maintenance, ICT and energy.

We work with large energy suppliers to get the best possible prices and terms and conditions for our customers, be that an individual school or an entire local authority.

Top 5 reasons to choose YPO...

  1. Trusted by schools
    More than 3,500 school accounts managed by YPO

  2. Reduce bills
    We're 10% cheaper against the average wholesale market cost. By trading energy volumes intelligently, understanding market demands and by reviewing bills in their entirety we aim to keep costs as low as possible

  3. Hassle free energy
    Our experts ensure schools comply with all procurement legislation. We'll also help schools understand their energy bills, which isn't always easy

  4. Never hidden charges
    Because we're a not for profit organisation, there are no commercial management fees that some energy brokers charge. The savings are passed straight to you

  5. Your energy partners
    Our energy experts are never more than a click or call away. We help validate bills, provide access to billing information online, and keep you up to date with changes to the energy market too

 Let's explain how it works...

  •  YPO manages energy suppliers on your behalf
  • The YPO energy team work hard to achieve competitive pricing for our customers to access on the energy contract
  • Local Authorities buy energy from the YPO contract
  • Schools and academies receive energy bills directly from the suppliers on the YPO energy contract; meaning schools receive great value energy and support from our experts


Get in touch with our energy team - we're here to support you every step of the way
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 01924 821 787