Customer Update - Important Information
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Customer Update - Important Information

Order by Wednesday 13 July to get your order before the school holidays

 If you place your orders with us by Wednesday 13 July, we’ll make sure we deliver to you before you break up. England and Wales only.

This applies to stock items only, where the product code starts with a number. Any codes starting with a 'D' are subject to different lead and delivery times.

Up-to-date lead times and delivery information for each product can be found on our website. Check out the ‘more info’ section on product pages.


Wanting a delivery during the school holidays?

If you place your order after Wednesday 13 July, please can you let us know when you’re open during the summer holidays for deliveries by filing out our schools holiday form here or emailing [email protected].


We’re restricting the amount of paper our customers can order


The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is exacerbating existing global supply chain challenges around the world, and as one of the UK’s largest public-sector buying organisations, we are continually assessing the impact on our customers and YPO as an organisation. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with those directly impacted by the war in Ukraine, as well as those with family and close ties to the region.


Due to the ongoing conflict, we’re seeing challenges in our supply chain sourcing paper. To try and help our customers the best way we can, we will now be restricting orders and amounts of paper available to order.


We’ve had to make the difficult decision to only allow our public sector customers to be able to order paper and associated products. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to our private sector customers.


Public sector customers who are still able to order these products, will be restricted to the amount they can buy. We’re doing this so we can continue to supply all our public sector customers the best we can in these difficult times.


Customers will only be able to purchase five cases of paper per order and there will be no bulk buying discounts available at this time.


We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused, rest assured we’re working closely with our suppliers to continually review our products and services.


We've been made aware of an email purporting to be sent from an email associated with our domain


Having conducted numerous internal security checks, we are confident that this is not associated with a breach on YPO infrastructure but has originated elsewhere. We would advise any one who is unsure of the veracity of any communications from us to contact us directly via a verified email address, a telephone number, or our web form, that you have previously used to ascertain whether these communications are genuine or not. Do not reply to the email of concern. We would however note that YPO would not generally send a .htm file as an attachment in emails and advise individuals to ignore and delete these emails. If you have accidentally clicked on the affected content please contact your IT department for further information.


Placing your orders by e-catalogue

If you place your orders by an e-catalogue, you can download the latest version of the catalogue to match your specific system here.


It will also give you instructions on how to remove the old copy of the catalogue and upload the latest version.