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Useful links

Supplier tendering portal

YPO Supplier Tendering Portal (services)

Our dedicated site providing information about new opportunities and the chance to complete the tendering process online. Suppliers that register on the site are able to view and download tender documents instantly, submit responses quickly and easily. This reduces administration costs and helps you simply manage the progress of your submissions. Please note that registering on the YPO E-Tendering Website does not mean you will automatically become a supplier to YPO. As a public sector organisation, YPO is legally bound to put in place EU compliant framework agreements. By registering you will be able to keep up to date with the latest information and any procurement opportunities available. 

Register as a supplier
Register as a supplier

Registration is free and your company profile will be immediately available for opportunities managed by over 30,000 buyers from over 400 private, public sector and 3rd sector organisations. Once your company name and email address has been verified you will be asked to complete a short registration process, including basic company details and contact information. Upon submission, your registration application will be reviewed by the ProContract team and you will be sent an email address confirming next steps.

Supplier opportunities
Supplier Opportunities

A list of current supplier opportunities to provide for our frameworks.

EU Procurement Regulations

EU Single Market Website

Read more about the EU Procurement regulations on the EU Single Market Website.



Existing supplier links

 Spend data portal   

Spend Data Portal

All suppliers on a current YPO framework agreement are required to submit a monthly rebate report via the YPO Spend Data Portal. Further information is available via our User Guide. For any further queries regarding the portal please email [email protected].

Supplier portal
Supplier Portal

All current stock and direct suppliers to YPO are required to submit delivery performance reports to YPO via our Supplier Portal.

Spend portal user guide
Spend Portal User Guide

Further information on the spend portal is available from this user guide.