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Helping you demonstrate your social value

We’ve recently launched a fantastic new Supplier Engagement Tool, in partnership with NETpositive Futures. The tool is completely free for you to use and we’d encourage you to sign up as soon as possible.

Why do I need to sign up?

You’ve probably heard a lot recently about ‘social value’ – it’s more than just a buzzword, or something you should consider. It’s something that we may all, by law, have to evidence in our procurements. 

Our new supplier engagement tool will help you demonstrate how you are supporting social, environmental and economic outputs. 

Share the great things you’re doing
We often find that our suppliers are already doing so many great things, but don’t always recognise it as social value or sustainability. As a result, they forget to tell their customers of their successes. 
  • Do you employ apprentices or have work placement schemes?
  • Are you working to reduce your waste or your carbon footprint?
  • Do you support local charities or community groups? 
…..we want to hear about it all!

How does it work?

Its free and simple to use, and only takes 10 minutes to complete.

Are you ranking us against other suppliers?
No. It’s not a tool to rank our suppliers or judge you – or tell you what you could be doing better. We’re not asking you to do more than you’re already doing. It’s a way to support you in telling your own social value story.

What other benefits can I get?

You can use the tool to win more business. The action plan you create is yours. You can download it and use it in tender submissions to demonstrate your social value, which is becoming increasingly important in many public sector tenders.

Why are YPO using the supplier engagement tool?
Measuring social value is hard. We’ve tried other tools in the past which have been too onerous and too complicated and have focused more on inputs rather than outputs. 

The Supplier Engagement Tool develop by NETpositive Futures in conjunction with YPO has been specifically developed for the public sector and our suppliers.

Expanding on the experience NETpositive have gained from the Higher Education Sector Tool (which is currently used by 45 Universities and 4 purchasing consortia with over 4,000 suppliers registered) this tool allows suppliers to tell us their own story and focuses on the outputs.

How will YPO use the data gathered from the action plans created by suppliers?
The tool will allow us to measure and report on the impact of our supply chain to our owning members and wider customer base. We’ll be able to share individual success stories (with your permission of course) and details of the social value and sustainability outputs and actions. 

From the suppliers that have already created an action plan, we can see some of you are concerned with the impact on staff travelling, for example. This has resulted in suppliers working to understand why people travel, the impact travel has and exploring sustainable travel options.
Sign up
Join us on our sustainability journey and sign up for the Supplier Engagement Tool here.

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