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What to do next with your voucher

Here's our guide on how to redeem your voucher. Simply follow the steps shown below:

- Place your order as normal but please remember to quote your voucher code on your order. There’s no minimum spend but don't forget that your voucher can only be used against one new order and can’t be split between multiple orders.

 Loyalty voucher

- After delivery you will receive an invoice (a) as usual for the whole value of the goods, PLUS a credit note (b) for the value of the voucher.

YPO loyalty voucher credit

The small print

  1. Vouchers are valid until 30 September 2020.
  2. Vouchers cannot be redeemed against any orders that were placed prior to receiving the voucher.
  3. There is no minimum spend against redeeming a voucher, however the order should be equal to or exceed the voucher amount.
  4. A voucher can only be used against one order and any amount not redeemed cannot be used against another order.
  5. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or framework payments.
  6. Multiple vouchers can be used against one order but please ensure the order is equal to or exceeds the combined vouchers amount.
  7. Vouchers can be spent on any stock, direct or food items. However, please note that food items cannot be included on the same order as stock and direct items when redeeming your voucher.
  8. Vouchers are non-vatable.
  9. YPO and its management committee reserve the right to amend this voucher, the YPO loyalty scheme and the terms and conditions without prior notification.

Any questions? Please email [email protected].

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