YPO UK Food Deal

YPO UK Food Deal

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2016 saw the launch of our brand new food framework. It's unlike any other available in the marketplace as all our different food categories have been brought together, creating a one-stop-shop approach. We created the UK Food Deal with you in mind - everything together in one place for you to pick and choose from. It couldn't be easier! 

Through the framework we can now deliver NATIONWIDE to customers around the country, so everyone can buy food with us.

There are 44 suppliers on the framework, the majority of which are brands you'll already know and trust - 60% are small and medium enterprises that are both local and national suppliers. 

We can provide you with:

  • Groceries – Canned goods, soft drinks and confectionery
  • Frozen Foods – Vegetables, fish, desserts and ice-cream
  • Community Meals – Ready-made chilled and frozen meals
  • Meal Concepts – Pasta, hot wraps and rice based meals
  • Fruit & Vegetables – Pre-packed and prepared fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Chilled Food – Cheese, yoghurt, sandwich fillings and dairy products 
  • Fresh & Cooked Meat – Poultry, sausages, bacon and processed meats
  • Morning Goods – Fresh bread, pastries and cake
  • Sandwiches & Wraps – Fresh sandwiches, wraps and associated products 


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 Benefits of using the UK Food Deal

  • You don't need to worry about doing any price comparisons - we've already done the procurement work for you
  • You've got the flexibility to pick and choose the food you need from the different categories - you can tailor it to meet your unique requirements
  • Peace of mind using suppliers and brands you can trust
  • Support and advice from the YPO food team whenever you need us
  • If you're already using any of the same suppliers on the framework, we carry out all the work in the background meaning your delivery dates and relationships with the supplier won't change - you'll receive the same service but pay less for the products!
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Don't just take our word for it...
Take a look below at what some of our customers using YPO are saying.

" We'll definitely be looking at how else YPO can help us and I'd advise any catering manager to do the same - you might find you can save with the suppliers you already know and trust. It was a no brainer, we would've been stupid not to make the switch to YPO. - Horizon College

" Moving to a new supplier seemed like a risk to us, but YPO's expertise, flexibility and commercial knowledge instilled confidence in our team and we soon realised that we were on the right track. We are very satisfied with YPO's customer service and the long-term benefits we have gained. " - Anchor Trust 

It's been fantastic to work with YPO who have guided us through this process to find a good quality and great value food supplier. To make efficiency savings during times of budget cuts and high food price inflation is critical, as it allows us to focus more efforts on meeting the needs of our communities. " - London Borough of Havering

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