YPO UK Food Deal

YPO UK Food Deal

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YPO has two fully compliant routes to market for the purchase of all your food requirements. All our different food categories have been brought together, allowing you to buy from a single category or buy everything using a one-stop-shop approach. We created the UK Food Deal with you in mind - everything together in one place for you to pick and choose from. It couldn't be easier! 

Our very popular Food Deal framework (reference 704) includes 9 food categories and allows customers to procure food from a range of leading suppliers who have been pre-vetted by YPO as to their general suitability.

We also have our all new Food Deal Dynamic Purchasing System DPS (reference 985). This includes the same 9 categories plus 3 brand new categories, and also has the flexibility to add new suppliers to the approved list. This gives local suppliers the opportunity to apply to join the DPS and then bid for any future contracts.

Through these two frameworks we can deliver a huge range of food categories nationwide to customers around the country, so everyone can buy food from us. This is in addition to our own stocked range of over 1000 grocery essentials which can be delivered direct from YPO to your premises, either via our own fleet, or for most products via a trusted delivery partner.

There are around 45 suppliers on the frameworks, many of who you'll already know and trust - 60% are small and medium enterprises that include local and national suppliers.  

We can provide you with:

On frameworks 704 and 985:
  • Groceries – Ambient products, canned goods, soft drinks and confectionery
  • Frozen Foods – Vegetables, meat, fish, bread, desserts and ice-cream
  • Community Meals – Ready-made chilled and frozen meals
  • Meal Concepts – Pasta, hot wraps and rice based meals
  • Fruit & Vegetables – Fresh fruit and vegetables including pre-prepared options
  • Chilled Food – Milk, cheese, yoghurt, sandwich fillings, dairy products and delicatessen foods.  
  • Fresh & Cooked Meat – Poultry, sausages, bacon and processed meats
  • Morning Goods – Fresh bread, pastries, cookies and cakes
  • Sandwiches & Wraps – Fresh sandwiches, wraps and associated products 
And also on framework 985: