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YPO Premium Drywipe Marker Broad Tip Assorted PK36


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Key Features:
• Premium product - leading brand quality for YPO prices
• Drywipe - suitable on whiteboards and other drywipe surfaces
• Tough, durable nibs that last
• Vivid European inks to extend write out length and save money over time
• Broad tip pen style – easy to write with and creates consistent, bold lines

YPO Premium Broad Tip Whiteboard Pens are specially formulated with vivid European ink to ensure the highest writing quality, longest lifespan, and best value for money. Designed specifically for classroom use, this pack of 36 pens will remain reliable even under the toughest of circumstances.

Superior Quality
YPO Premium Whiteboard Pens match the exceptional quality of leading brands, with bold, smooth ink and tough nibs that effortlessly glide across the surface of a whiteboard. Every marking will flow from each pen precisely as intended, leaving marks that are legible from across the classroom for a stress-free teaching and learning experience.

Unlike economy alternatives, YPO Premium Whiteboard Pens have also been specially formulated with the finest quality vivid European inks to extend write out length and ensure value for money. In classrooms that use whiteboards often or need their budget to stretch further, these pens are the superior choice.

The pens are manufactured with tough nibs for a better suitability to the academic environment, as they are able to withstand the higher pressure applied by children without splaying and becoming unusable before their time. They also provide greater accuracy and therefore clarity than softer nibs.

As drywipe pens, the ink will easily wipe off a whiteboard with no need for water or chemicals, and will not leave unsightly stains or marks behind. Any accidental marks can be cleaned from surfaces like tables and chairs too, ensuring whiteboards – as well as your furniture – last a long time.

Made For Children
With a broad tip, marks are larger and more easily visible to those at a distance, and perfect for quick, less precise work that children are likely to take part in. The broad body is also easy for smaller hands to hold and control - ideal for young children who may not have yet developed their fine motor skills.

The single vented caps have also been designed with children in mind, drastically reducing the risk of asphyxiation if accidentally swallowed.

Colours Included:
Each pack contains an assortment of the following colours:

Not suitable for children under 3 years. .

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