Sellotape Original Golden Sticky Tape, 25mm Core, 18mm(W) x 33m(L) – Pack of 8 Rolls. | Tape | YPO
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Sellotape Original Golden Sticky Tape, 25mm Core, 18mm(W) x 33m(L) – Pack of 8 Rolls.


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Key Features:
• Britain’s number 1 sticky tape – super strong and extra sticky
• Anti-tangle, anti-static and easy to unwind with starter tab included
• Easy tear – no scissors or teeth needed
• Clear appearance for better presentation
• Suitable for paper, card, gift wrap, photocopying, light packaging, and minor fixes

Sellotape Original is the number 1 selling sticky tape in Britain thanks to its extra sticky and super strong qualities. For more than 70 years Sellotape has been a household name, from taping up windows during the blitz, to sticking together pictures, papers and documents today. It even has its very own entry in the Oxford English Dictionary! Versatile, high quality and stress-free, Sellotape is the perfect partner when joining, sealing, attaching or mending in schools, the workplace, or the home.

With superior quality to all other tapes on the market, pressure sensitive Sellotape will stick and hold strongly to keep heavier materials together, and will not peel away over time unlike cheap alternatives – even when wet. In fact, Sellotape is proven to be up to 50% stickier and 20% stronger than competitor products! This is in part due to its polypropylene-based make-up, which is known for high durability and water resistance. Also unlike alternatives, Sellotape is easy to unwind with a starter tab, and is anti-static and anti-tangle for better control, waste reduction, and stress free use

Despite its durability, Sellotape will tear easily off the roll so you can stick things down in a flash - without the assistance of scissors or teeth! This makes it ideal for use in a fast-paced environment, and the lack of scissors allows children to use tape without adult assistance in schools or at home. It also makes a great alternative to glue which can dry out and leave unsightly residue.

Although golden on the roll, Sellotape appears clear when applied, making it great on packages and wrapping paper, as well as for arts and crafts, photocopying, scanning and other uses that require a clean and professional look.

The compact size of this particular tape makes it perfect for small dispensers or carrying around in a pocket or pencil case.

• W: 18mm
• L: 33m
• Core: 25mm/1"

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By Anonymous, Unknown on 04/12/2018

Good quality. Sometimes easily rips.

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