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YPO Premium Double Sided Tape - 19mm(W) x 50m(L)

Key Features:
• Premium option with strong adhesive
• Easy peel finger lift strip
• Damage-free, mess-free, convenient and safe alternative to glue, pins and stick tack
• Versatile - Suitable for arts & crafts, DIY and display
• Perfect for everyday use in the home or office

YPO Premium Double Sided Tape matches the quality of the leading brands, whilst retaining affordable prices. Strongly adhesive and versatile to a variety of applications, double sided tape is an essential in any school, office or home.

Premium Quality
As a premium product, this particular tape is more robust than others, and uses a stronger adhesive for a reliable and consistent hold that will not suffer over time. It also features an easy peel finger lift strip, making the tape much easier to remove from its backing for quick, stress-free application - in busy, fast-paced offices or during activities that keep your hands full, this feature is a must!

The Superior Sticking Solution
Compared to glue, double-sided tape performs the same function without the mess, permanence, or damage to material; and compared to stick tack, the same is achieved without grease, loss of function over time, or visible bulk and colour.

Double-sided tape is also great for displays, posters and photos where pins would damage a wall as well as the item itself, and are not safe for children.

For cleaner, accurate and semi-permanent application, double-sided tape is the best solution.

The Versatile Option
Due to its double-sided nature, the tape is hidden when applied, making it a great alternative to regular tape for applications that require a clean and professional look, such as wrapping presents or fixing books and other small items.

Other uses for this tape include arts and crafts, mixed media, model making, light DIY, stabilising a rug on your floor, or even hygienically sealing envelopes! With such versatility, double-sided tape is always great to have around in your office, school or home just in case.

• W: 19mm
• L: 50m

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