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YPO Lined Sticky Note Pad, Yellow, 203mm x 150mm – Pad of 50 Sheets

Key Features:
•Extra-large and lined – designed for lists and bigger messages or ideas
•Attach to a variety of surfaces and documents without causing damage
•Economy product – ideal for short term temporary use
•Record to-do lists, reminders, and ideas in the workplace or at home
•YPO’s version of the classic product, minus the pricetag

YPO Sticky Notes are our very own version of the leading brand’s classic product, but without the pricetag. The repositionable notes use a low tack adhesive so they can stick to delicate surfaces like paper as well as PC monitors, walls and tables, without leaving any residue behind. These extra-large, lined notes are designed specifically for lists, as well as larger messages or ideas in the home and workplace.

Because they are an economy option, YPO Sticky Notes are perfect for everyday short-term use. Sticky notes are particularly recommended for office workers, receptionists, students, people with busy lifestyles, and those with forgetful minds.

Designed with extra-large width and length, and featuring generously spaced lines from top to bottom, these sticky notes were made specifically for to do lists, shopping lists, instructions, or leaving lengthier messages to your loved ones. This design not only makes your writing more coherent, consistent and organised, but makes it easier to keep track of and tick off items that have been completed. This is ideal for those who find their sticky notes crowded and confusing, or simply like some structure and order. Whether at home or in the workplace, lined sticky notes guarantee that no notes will go unnoticed.

Sticky Note Dimensions:
• H: 203mm
• L: 150mm .

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