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Post-it® Index Arrows - 60 Arrow Shaped Flags

Another amazing tool from Post-It® to help you find what matters - fast. As a well-respected brand, you can rest assured that quality is guaranteed with all of their products, designed with years of experience, patented technology and customer needs in mind.

Post-It Indexes are bright yet translucent markers used to signpost pages for quick reference. They are designed to stick out the side of books to quickly navigate to pages you need to come back to. Simply sticking down on the page like a regular Post-It note, you will find them easy to remove when required without leaving any residue. They especially make a great tool for those borrowing textbooks and unable to make notes directly on a page, and are translucent to prevent obscuring text. The rectangular shape tapers into an arrow at one edge for more accurate pinpointing of specific paragraphs or diagrams.

A major benefit of these indexes is that they are all are writeable, so you never forget why you left a marker. This set is perfect for students or scholars doing revision or research, and is an essential for 100% accurate referencing.

Each pack contains 60 arrows (20 x each of red, yellow and green), for colour coding that can help differentiate between what to reference, re-read or directly quote for example. You can also use the colours to show priority thanks to the memorable traffic light colour scheme. 60 arrows

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