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Post-It® Table Top Meeting Chart with Super Sticky Dry Erase Sheets - 20 Sheets

Post-it® Super Sticky Dry Erase Film is an instant and flexible whiteboard solution that has endless uses. It is a great tool for classrooms, meetings, entrepreneurs with constantly flowing ideas, or even for use in the home. This high quality, easy to use product will conveniently allow you to make notes, plan projects or collaborate with others wherever you are, and can be used over and over again like any other drywipe board.

Workplaces can benefit from dry erase film in many ways. If meetings occur in multiple locations or externally with clients, having a portable and dynamic solution is essential. The dry erase film easily peels and sticks to most surfaces, including painted drywall, finished wood, steel, glass, plastic or existing whiteboards and chalkboards. No matter where you are, planning ideas in a meeting has never been easier. Entrepreneurs, business owners and managers who unexpectedly think of their next big idea will also find this product extremely useful, especially if they don’t have the space for a permanent whiteboard.

This product works in a way that is not dissimilar to a giant Post-It note. You write on the sheet whilst it is attached to the rest of the pad, then remove and stick where desired. The difference lies in the semi-permanent status of these sheets, the edgeless and flat to-the-wall design, and the ability to write and rewrite as ideas and projects develop.

Another major benefit is the table top format. This makes it easier for a selected individual to physically write compared to a flat alternative, and allows others at the table to see what is being written. The small sheets enable only one person to write at a time, making the content more organised and consistent in format too. Projects themselves also tend to be easier to organise with the table top format – when working with one sheet per ‘step’, you are forced to fully complete it before moving on to the next one, as each sheet will need to be removed and stuck somewhere before the next step can be planned. Working on a single, large whiteboard with lots of information makes it all too tempting to move on fast and forget small details that can make or break a project.

Once peeled off, the sheets simply stick to a surface such as a wall for future reference. As the sheets use Post-It’s unique, pressure-sensitive ‘super sticky’ technology, they can be stuck down strongly without peeling, and removed without leaving unsightly residue or damaging your surface. Also unlike other whiteboards, you do not require a magnetic surface or tools for installation, making them the ultimate solution for meetings or project planning.

There are 20 drywipe sheets per meeting chart, each 584mm(H) x 508mm(W). Sheet size 584 x 508mm

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