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Tacwise 140/8mm Staple Galvanised

Popular, flat wire staple ideal for semi-pro/DIY applications. Compatible with the Tacwise Z1-140 range, Z3-140 range, the A11 Hammer Tacker, the Hobby 140EL electric tacker, and other popular brands in the market.

• Boxed 5,000 x 140/8mm Staples
• Flat wire (thicker than 13 and 53 type) galvanised staples for the professional, providing a strong hold
• Flat wire staples used by professionals and DIY'rs alike in hand tackers, hammer tackers, electric tackers and air tacker from Tacwise
• Popular within roofing and flooring industries due to their strong holding capabilities
• Ideal for fitting carpet underlay, insulation, plastic sheeting to name but a few applications of this versatile fixing 140/8mm staples - pack of 5000