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Swing ‘n’ Clip Presentation Files with Swing Closure, A4, Assorted Colours – Pack of 10


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Whether presenting a school project, pitching a proposal or handing out CVs, presentation folders are a fantastic tool to make your work appear professional whilst staying protected. This pack contains 10 clip files of assorted colours that can hold up to 30 sheets of A4 sized paper.

Each clip file has a semi-rigid coloured front, back and spine and removeable spine lock mechanism. The red, blue and purple coloured files ensure the contents can remain private, whereas the clear file allows a front cover to be added to help personalise a project. The colours help maintain a fashionable look that is easily distinguishable from other files and allows for colour coding. The collection as a whole is useful for separating different sections of one project or several projects at once.

This style of folder prevents documents inside from tearing, falling out, or becoming damaged with spillages or poor weather thanks to the waterproof and tear-resistant material used. This means you can carry the files from place to place without worrying about the safety of any important information that may be held inside. Unlike other clip files, when the spine clip is removed, this file swings open to easily and immediately release the papers within. This is because there is no spine bar, the lack of which is useful for projects that require different pieces of paper to be removed and viewed simultaneously when presented. This may include art, architecture, revision or non-chronological projects.

The low cost of these files means you can hand them out for people to keep after a presentation or pitch, or submitting a CV or coursework. Allowing people to keep the documents in the clip file will leave a positive impression in terms of professionalism, ensuring you and your hard work stay on their mind for longer. In terms of practicality, there is no need to punch the paper, preserving the documents inside for future use and saving you time and effort.

Each pack contains 2 x red, 2 x blue, 2 x purple and 2 x clear files to help colour code your documents for easier identification. Pack of 10

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