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Large Spotty Ring Binder, A4, Laminated Paper on Board, 2 Ring, Multicoloured - Pack of 5

These fashionable and fun ring binders are an exciting way to organise your documents! The perfect way to brighten up any home, office or educational environment, the spotty ring binder is not only vibrant and attractive, but practical too. Thanks to their wider-than-normal spine width, they are large enough to fit documents up to 35mm of documents up to A4 size, which can be held in place using the 2 ring ‘o’ mechanism. Most ring binders are 25mm, so this is perfect for children that are very artistic and want to keep lots of work, or adults who need a bit more space but don’t want to splash out on an expensive lever arch file that can take up more space and isn’t as easy to flick through. Ring binders are recommended for storage as opposed to transporting files as they don’t feature all-around protection, although they are extremely durable in construction.

The 100% recycled board and laminated paper covering are extremely hardwearing and able to withstand regular handling. They also offer a pleasing and stylish aesthetic that is not only great value, but great for the planet. The laminated paper covering is a better choice than polypropylene covered alternatives for those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint, or don’t expect their files to encounter much wear and tear. This is better for those who will store rather than travel with the files.

A file like this is perfect for anybody of any age or in any profession who likes to organise and protect their documents. Children could also use them for storing their drawings or schoolwork that they are proud of. Whether in storage or on the go, your files will stay protected from dust, spillages and standard wear and tear thanks to the hardwearing board. You will also benefit from greater privacy and easy navigation when looking for specific documents.

Recycling Information: Remove steel mechanism before recycling. Recycle steel and board separately.

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