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Premium Report Files, A4, Polypropylene, Red - Pack of 25

Whether presenting a school report or handing in coursework, presentation folders are a fantastic tool to make the work appear professional whilst staying protected. This pack contains 25 green report files that can hold 100 sheets of A4 sized paper.

Instead of only having a transparent cover, Classmaster presentation files have a full length clear A4 pocket cover for a title page to sit in. This way the file itself can be made instantly recognisable and personalised rather than just giving the illusion of personalisation, and permanent front covers can be utilised if desired. The labelling strip on the spine of the file also serves this purpose, as well as the distinct vibrant colour. When used alongside similar files of different colours, it is easy to colour code a work group or members or sections of one project to make navigating submitted work much easier for teachers. Each file can then be stored with related ones in a ring binder or lever arch file using the two punches on the outer spine.

Within, there are non-tear plastic fasteners in each section which are not as space-consuming as ring binder or lever arch mechanisms, but can withhold paper or plastic wallets equally as well. This also helps you save money in comparison to alternatives, yet still makes them reusable another one or two times in future if desired. There is also a channel for a suspension rail for use within a filing cabinet, so suspension files are not required.

Report files are the best way to organise files and achieve the professional look on a budget. The low cost of these files also means students can feel comfortable in submitting copies of coursework or reports without receiving the file back - but at the same time, you can rest assured that all YPO products are manufactured to high standards and the low cost does therefore not reflect poor quality.

These files are 100% semi-rigid polypropylene, which - although not the best material for the planet - does provide unmatched protection against wear and tear, not just for the folder itself, but for the documents inside. The material is waterproof for protection against spillages and wet weather when on the go, tear and scratch resistant to maintain a fresh, professional look, and easily wipes clean of any dirt or food marks. Polypropylene also lasts much longer than the board-based materials used in alternative solutions. For maximum protection, use punched pockets instead of punching the paper itself to put inside.

Alternate Colours: Blue - 725278 Red - pack of 25