Post-It® Super Sticky Meeting Notes, 152mm x 101mm, Assorted Colours – 180 Sheet Cube | Post-It Notes | YPO
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Post-It® Super Sticky Meeting Notes, 152mm x 101mm, Assorted Colours – 180 Sheet Cube


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Post-It® are one of the most well-known names in stationery; so well known in fact, that their creation has become synonymous with their brand name! Not content with sticking (no pun intended) to the original formula, Post-It® utilised years of research and patented technology to create PEFC certified Super Sticky Notes that hold stronger for longer.

Post-It® Super Sticky Meeting Notes use a pressure-sensitive low tack adhesive for convenient and removable note-making. Each note removes cleanly with no residue left behind, and stubbornly resists peeling like alternative sticky notes regardless of the surface they are used on. These particular notes were designed specifically for meetings. Aside from being super sticky to attach to whiteboards, desks, walls and flipchart paper, they are also much larger than ordinary notes to fit on the finer details. This allows you to include information like next steps, costings, names, locations and more, for a much more productive and in-depth meeting.

Four different colours are supplied in each pack – neon green, yellow, pink and orange – so you can colour code your ideas and suggestions in relation to who suggested which idea, what element of the project it pertains to, or level of importance. Otherwise, the colours can just add a bit of personality and fun!

Not only is each note fully recyclable, but they are PEFC certified and use a sustainable plant-based adhesive. Do your part for the planet and discard notes guilt free with Post-It®.

These sticky notes are recommended for any work arrangement, whether you are in a busy office or starting your own business. You will find drafting ideas a much easier process to keep track of; never again will urgently recorded ideas become misplaced within busy notebooks or on easy-to-lose scraps of paper. Unlike writing on paper, Post-Its are also easy to rearrange and discard without having to messily scribble things out and complicate your work. By purchasing a 180 sheet cube, you can draft a full project from start to finish including multiple brainstorming sessions, without breaking the bank.

Post-It® Note Dimensions:
• H: 152mm
• L: 101mm

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