Post-It® Canary™ Yellow Large Lined Z-Notes, 101mm x 101mm – Pack of 5 Pads | Post-It Notes | YPO
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Post-It® Canary™ Yellow Large Lined Z-Notes, 101mm x 101mm – Pack of 5 Pads


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Post-It® are one of the most well-known names in stationery; so well known in fact, that their creation has become synonymous with their brand name! Not content with sticking (no pun intended) to the original formula, Post-It® utilised years of research and patented technology to create PEFC certified Super Sticky Notes that hold stronger for longer.

Post-It® Canary notes are the original classic. They use a pressure-sensitive low tack adhesive for convenient and removable note-making, including writing to do lists, shopping lists and reminders. Each note removes cleanly with no residue left behind, and stubbornly resists peeling like alternative sticky notes. This applies to any surface they are used on, from doors and walls to PC monitors and kitchen appliances, so no matter where you are, you can always write down what’s on your mind.

These notes have been specifically designed for the purpose of creating lists. Not only are they larger for extra notes, but they have plenty of generously spaced lines from top to bottom. This not only makes your writing more coherent, consistent and organised, but makes it easier to keep track of and tick off items that have been completed. These sticky notes also use a Z design for use with a dispenser unlike ordinary sticky notes, allowing receptionists or teachers for example to dispense notes quicky, easily and at high volume with one hand.

Not only is each note fully recyclable, but they are PEFC certified and use a sustainable plant-based adhesive. Do your part for the planet and discard notes guilt free with Post-It®.

Sticky notes are recommended for students, people with busy lifestyles, and those with forgetful minds. By using z-notes in a dispenser you can access notes in a hurry, making them perfect for those who often think of ideas unexpectedly.

Each pack contains 5 x 90 sheet pads (450 notes in total), so you can save money for your school or workplace whilst still receiving the highest quality goods. These notes are supplied in classic yellow.

Post-It® Note Dimensions:
• H: 101mm
• L: 101mm

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