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Post-It® Super Sticky Z-Notes, 76mm x 76mm, Rio Colour Collection,– Pack of 6 Pads

Post-It® are one of the most well-known names in stationery; so well known in fact, that their creation has become synonymous with their brand name! Post-It® utilise years of experience and patented technology to create PEFC certified sticky notes that hold strong on any surface.

The Z design of these notes enables use a with a dispenser; ordinary sticky notes would not be able to pop up and would therefore be incompatible. When the end of a z-note is pulled, the end of the next note comes up with it, becoming exposed out of the top of a dispenser for easy removal next time you need a sticky note in a hurry. This is ideal for teachers or receptionists, in addition to the abilty to dispense notes at high volume with one hand. The z design also makes the notes better able to lie flat, as the alternating adhesive pattern makes it impossible for the note cube to become splayed.

Each note uses a pressure-sensitive low tack adhesive for convenient and removable note-making, including writing to do lists, shopping lists and reminders. Each note removes cleanly with no residue left behind, and stubbornly resists peeling like alternative sticky notes. This applies to any surface they are used on, from doors and walls to PC monitors and kitchen appliances, so no matter where you are, you can always write down what’s on your mind.

Five different colours are supplied in each pack to capture attention and ensure you can colour code your notes in relation to subject, theme or order of importance. Colour coding is also ideal for ideas meetings where there are multiple distinguishable elements or steps to a project. Otherwise, the colours just add a bit of personality and fun!

Not only is each note fully recyclable, but they are PEFC certified and use a sustainable plant-based adhesive. Do your part for the planet and discard notes guilt free with Post-It®.

Sticky notes are recommended for students, people with busy lifestyles, and those with forgetful minds. By purchasing a pack of 6 x 90 sheet pads (540 notes in total), you will save money for your school or workplace whilst still receiving the highest quality goods. These notes are supplied in pads as 2 x yellow, 1 x fireball fuchsia, 1 x mediterranean blue, 1 x neon green and 1 x neon orange.

Compatible with dispensers 707060 and 700050.

Post-It® Note Dimensions:
• H: 76mm
• L: 76mm

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