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Elasticated 3 Flap File Folder, A4, Polypropylene, Assorted Colours - Pack of 4

Whether presenting a school project, pitching a proposal or handing in coursework, presentation folders are a fantastic tool to make your work appear professional whilst staying protected. This pack contains 4 document files of assorted colours that can hold 100 sheets of A4 sized paper.

As it opens and closes like a book, this folder prevents documents inside from falling out, tearing or becoming damaged with spillages or poor weather. This means you can carry the files from place to place without worrying about the safety of any important information that may be held inside. Unlike other presentation files, there is also no mechanism like fasteners or ring binders to hold the papers stable, so upon opening, papers within can be added or removed instantly and with ease. This is of great benefit to those who require different pieces of paper to be removed and viewed simultaneously when presented, for example for art, architecture, revision or non-chronological projects.

Inside the folder are three flaps that protect your files from all angles, while the elasticated closure on the outside keeps the folder closed for maximum document security. On the front cover, you will find a business card holder to help personalise your work and make it instantly identifiable. The bright and vibrant colour of each folder also helps draw attention, create positive associations with the contents inside, and makes it more memorable to whom it is presented to. The sleek polypropylene also adds to the professional look, showcasing effort you have put into the project.

Although the 100% polypropylene construction isn’t the best for the planet, it does provide unmatched protection against wear and tear, not just for the folder itself, but the documents inside. The material is waterproof for protection against spillages and wet weather when on the go, tear and scratch resistant to maintain a fresh, professional look, and easily wipes clean of any dirt or food marks. Polypropylene also lasts much longer than the board-based materials used in alternative solutions.

This style of folder means you won’t need to ruin paper by punching it or have to spend money on punched pockets. By saving money, you will also feel much more comfortable when submitting copies of documents such as coursework or business plans that you don’t expect to receive back.

Each pack contains a blue, purple, red and clear Elasticated 3 Flap folder. Pack of 4