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edding 4500 Textile Markers, Assorted Colours – Pack of 16

Key Features:
•Textile marker suitable for light fabrics including cotton, linen and silk
•Water-based ink – lightfast, quick-drying, neutral smelling
•Permanent - washable at 60°C
•Perfect for personalising t-shirts, bags, cushions and more
•Robust bullet nib with 2-3mm line width

The edding 4500 is a textile marker designed for decorating light textiles including cotton, linen, silk and more. It is a pleasure to use with its neutral smelling, quick-drying, water-based ink, and leaves permanent markings for bespoke clothing, home décor and more. With an uncomplicated pen design, all ages will find great fun in using the edding 4500!

The edding 4500 textile marker will permanently mark your designs and patterns onto light-coloured, chemically untreated fabrics. The water-based ink has excellent definition for a stand-out look, and appears natural on the fabric for a high-quality professional finished product every time. Although suitable for use cotton, linen, silk and a number of mixed fabrics, these markers are not recommended for use on polyester where the ink can run.

You can use edding 4500 to create bespoke t-shirts for concerts, football matches, parties, holidays, hen nights or stag dos where personalised printing may otherwise be expensive, or for fixing faded and damaged areas of old clothing you are not yet ready to part with. They are also fantastic for embellishing your out-of-fashion bags, cushion and chair covers and other textiles at home, or adding your own design to sell as a small business.

2-3mm Bullet Nib
These edding markers use a thick, round, bullet nib that is specifically designed to work with the thick, harsh nature of fabrics without becoming damaged. The highly resistant nib will not become splayed even when used roughly, and leaves a line width of 2-3mm to ensure patterns and colours appear bold and impactful from afar. The robust nib also helps you get the job done quicker and with less stress.

Textile markers are superior to fabric paints as they are uncomplicated and accessible to all, from beginners and children to seasoned professionals. No expertise is required as the markers work just like an ordinary pen, and no preparation is required either, enabling spontaneous creativity. Suitable for hobbyists in the home, as a fun classroom activity for kids, or a tool in the repertoire of a small business, edding 4500 markers will leave no mess, are efficient to work with, and easy to hold and control.

Quality Ink
As a water-based pigment ink, these markers have a neutral smell and are quick-drying for satisfying use. Once dry, the ink proves permanent, waterproof and extremely lightfast to ensure your designs don’t fade over time and can withstand washing at up to 60°C. This means you can throw your bespoke textiles into the wash with everything else without worrying about their lifespan!

How to Use
To use edding 4500 Textile Markers, place a piece of cardboard underneath your fabric to prevent bleeding, then secure the fabric to a non-slip, fixed surface with tape. When drawing, it is recommended you start with outlines first, wait for them to dry, then colour in the rest. You can use stencils for consistency if creating patterns or making items in bulk.

Once your design is complete, wait for the ink to dry and iron the fabric once without steam. This final step is highly important, and ensures your work wash becomes resistant up to 60°C.

•2 x Black
•2 x Red
•2 x Blue
•2 x Dark Green
•2 x Light Green
•2 x Neon Yellow
•2 x Neon Orange
•2 x Neon Pink

Store markers horizontally when not in use. .