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YPO Fine Tip Colouring Pens, 12 Assorted Colours – Pack of 288


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Key Features:
•Excellent quality colouring pens at a value price
•Fine tips for precision when colouring
•Highly vivid inks that produce beautiful, impactful effects
•Hardwearing fibre tips for a longer life
•Smooth coverage
•Pack of 288 – 24 x 12 assorted colours

YPO Fine Tip Colouring Pens carefully balance the higher quality of premium options with the lower price of economy options to ensure the best value for your school. Manufactured at just a few pence per piece by the nationally recognised and respected YPO brand, 100% satisfaction is assured with each and every pen.

Bulk Savings
As a huge classpack of 288, there are more than enough pens to last the whole school year or longer, and enough of each colour to share between tables or groups. The handy cardboard box in which the pens are supplied also contains a storage compartment for each colour, saving you money on alternative storage solutions.

Each pack contains 24 pens of 12 popular, vibrant colours, specially selected to reflect the full spectrum that children will encounter in their everyday life. This will give them the freedom to draw whatever they can imagine, with no bounds to hold back their creativity.

Fine Tips
Due to their unbeatable accuracy, fine tipped pens are perfect when completing complex, detailed and precise work, as well as general drawing, writing and colouring in on a smaller scale. This makes them not only ideal for artists, designers and illustrators working on important projects, but children learning to colour inside the lines as well!

Excellent Quality
Despite a low price, YPO Colouring Pens are of exceptional quality, with highly vivid and long-lasting inks, hard-wearing fibre tips, and smooth coverage to avoid the frustration that comes with cheaper pens. Colouring will be satisfying and relaxing for children as a result, whilst also saving money for your school in the long run. All inks are also strong and vibrant in colour, producing beautiful, impactful effects.

Compared to premium pens that are made for the serious artist, standard YPO Colouring Pens are perfect for where such quality and cost would be excessive. They are therefore ideal for general classroom activities, casual arts and crafts projects, and hobby use to save money whilst maintaining high quality.

For All Ages
Pens are not just for kids! The cylindrical body is easy to hold and control for all hand sizes, and is not confined to the traditional pen grip technique like hexagonal designs. This design will be appreciated by children who have not yet perfected their fine motor skills, as well as seasoned artists using various colouring techniques. Whether you are a child, parent, teacher, artist or hobbyist, these colouring pens are suitable for you too!

Colours Included:
• Black
• Dark Blue
• Light Blue
• Dark Green
• Light Green
• Yellow
• Orange
• Pink
• Red
• Brown
• Lilac
• Purple

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