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Paper Mate Inkjoy 100 Cap, Black – Pack of 50.


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Key Features:
•Ballpoint pen with unique revolutionary ink system
•Ultra-smooth, free-flowing ink that starts quickly and leaves long, controlled, clean, crisp lines
•Classic 1.0mm tip with 0.7mm line width – precise yet legible
•Triangular body for better control and neater writing
•Pleasant writing experience with minimal effort required for great results

Paper Mate Inkjoy 100 is a simple, smooth writing ballpoint pen that puts the joy back into writing with its unique, revolutionary ink system. The Inkjoy keeps up with your thoughts with its ultra-smooth, free-flowing ink that starts quickly and doesn’t drag – perfect for fast-paced work. This pack of 50 pens by one of the UK’s leading stationery brands is ideal for any school or office looking to save money without compromising on quality.

Inkjoy System
Inkjoy is a revolutionary ink system that was developed by Paper Mate to provide an effortless, reliable, and joyful writing experience. The pen starts quickly to take notes on command, with ink flowing smoothly and freely from the ballpoint to create clean, crisp lines without dragging. This is true even with minimal pressure, effortlessly leaving behind consistent, bold lines throughout long periods of use. Whether you are jotting down ideas, writing an essay, or brainstorming your next big project, you can do it all with Paper Mate Inkjoy

1.0mm Tip
These pens feature a medium 1.0mm tip that gives you a solid, smooth line for general writing. It leaves behind a 0.7mm line width that is ideal for professional looking results, being both suitable for precise joined-up text and small details, as well as legible to the reader from a reasonable distance. This width is the standard for rollerball pens so your work never looks out of place.

By combining ultra-low viscosity ink with an optimised ballpoint writing tip, the Paper Mate Inkjoy offers an incomparable writing sensation in regards to smoothness and ease of use.

These Inkjoy 100 Cap pens are non-retractable, instead featuring a cap for maximum security when not in use. The cap will help minimise leaks and avoid accidental writing as with a clicker pen, and also incorporates a clip for attaching to pockets, notebooks and more so you never lose it. This design makes the Inkjoy the perfect companion to those on the go – you never know when those ideas will pop up!

Although unusual in the realm of ballpens, these pens are designed with a triangular body. This shape helps improve comfort and control to the user for neater, more legible text, and is particularly recommended for younger children who will be forced to adopt the correct finger position when writing. Whether you work in a fast-paced office or with children using pens for the first time, the Paper Mate Inkjoy is a fantastic choice. .

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