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YPO Lever Arch File, Foolscap, Paper on Board, Orange

A lever arch file is an inexpensive and simple solution for keeping your files protected and organised. It is large enough to fit documents up to foolscap size which can be held in place using the 70mm lever arch mechanism and Rado locking device. This product also features a protective metal bottom edge to prevent scuffing, and a finger hole pull for greater accessibility.

Although budget priced, the board and cover material are extremely hardwearing and able to withstand regular handling. The 100% recycled board and paper covering also offer a pleasing and stylish aesthetic that is not only great value, but great for the planet. The paper covering is a better choice to polypropylene covered alternatives for those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint, or don’t expect their files to encounter much wear and tear. This is better for those who will store rather than travel with the files.

Each file can be labelled with names, titles, dates and other information using the label on the spine of the file to assist you in locating documents.

With 7 bright colours available to bring joy to any décor, it is easy to theme your files into organised collections – perfect for those teaching multiple classes, studying various subjects or those who like to keep hold of important documents. Whether in storage or on the go, your files will stay protected from dust, spillages and standard wear and tear thanks to the hardwearing board. You will also benefit from greater privacy and easy navigation when looking for specific documents.

• H: 350mm
• L: 285mm
• D: 70mm

Recycling Information: Remove steel mechanism before recycling. Recycle steel and board separately.

Alternate Colours: Purple – 739625; Red – 707619; Yellow – 707627; Blue – 707643; Black – 707651; Green -707635 Orange