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STABILO® BOSS® ORIGINAL Pastel Highlighters Assorted Colours Wallet of 6

The STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL highlighter is ideal for everyone who reads text and has to concentrate on the essential information. Its classic distinctive classic shape and design has been around since 1971, and with its chiselled tip you can highlight broad lines (5mm) and fine lines (2mm). With its patented 4 hour cap off technology the ink won't dry out if you forget to replace the lid. The new STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL Pastel comes in a touch of turquoise, hint of mint, creamy peach, pink blush, milky yellow and lilac haze!!
* STABILO Anti-Dry Out Technology: 4 hour cap off time
* High level German quality from STABILO BOSS
* Chiselled tip - draws broad and narrow lines 2mm & 5mm Assorted pastel colours - pack of 6

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