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Pilot FriXion Ball Clicker Pens, Lime Green – Pack of 12


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Key Features:
•Patented heat-sensitive technology - erase like a pencil and instantly write over your mistakes
•Friction makes ink disappear, extreme cold brings it back
•Water-based gel ink – fluid and clear with no skipping
•Retractable – clicks on and off, no lid to lose!
•Refillable – environmentally friendly

Pilot FriXion Ball Clicker Pens are retractable ink gel pens that use patented friction heat-sensitive ink that erases just like a pencil! Rub out your mistakes and immediately write in their place to eliminate messy scribbles from your homework, artwork, notes and more.

Please note this pen uses green ink.

Pilot FriXion pens use a special thermo-sensitive ink that fully erases without a trace so you can keep the best and erase the rest! As the technology is patented, cheap imitations just won’t do – only Pilot FriXion makes your page look good as new without leaving any damage. Once ink is erased, you are free to immediately write over the same spot unlike slow drying correction pens and fluid.

The ink is erased using the eraser stud on the end of the pen, and just like a pencil, you can watch it disappear as if by magic. This works thanks to the special microcapsules within the ink, which combine when writing to show colour, and separate to become transparent when you ‘FriXion it’ due to the heat generated by friction. As friction heat is more than 60°C, there is no risk of the ink disappearing at even the warmest room temperatures. The ink will also reappear at -10°C, so you can bring back invisible notes simply by placing your work in the freezer!

Water-Based Gel Ink
As the Pilot FriXion is a rollerball pen, it uses water-based gel ink, which is an attractive and practical ink for general and specialist use alike. Its feel and appearance are similar to that of fountain pens, with a smooth, vivid, clear look and consistent flow that doesn’t skip like oil-based ballpoint pens. It will write fluidly with minimal pressure, helping reduce tiredness and cramping of the hand, and increasing the efficiency of your writing. It is also more water and age resistant than oil-based inks, making it ideal for school essays or important work notes.

The easy and comfortable fluid writing, clear results, water and age resistant ink, and instant erasability makes Pilot FriXion pens perfect for many varying uses. Artists, tattoo artists and designers will be able to complete good looking drawings and outlines without having to start over, just as easily as they can complete crosswords, shopping lists and to do lists in their home lives. In textiles, the pen can also be used to mark out spots to sew on the fabric, then erased afterwards to retain their appearance.

Schoolchildren will see far less scribbles on their homework, and take great satisfaction in impressing their friends with the fluid ink and unique erasing ability! For a fun game at home, why not erase a secret message, then send it to a friend to pop it in the freezer for 10 minutes – the message will then reappear for them to read!

Quality Construction
With a high resistance tungsten carbide ball, the nib is durable for children who apply extra pressure. The medium nib is 0.7mm and produces a fine 0.35mm line width to leave you with precise, clean results, ideal for both a readability and a professional look.

Pilot FriXion includes an ergonomic cushioned grip for comfortable writing over long periods, and easier control over the nib for neat and tidy work every time. At the end of the pen is an eraser, and a clip to secure to clothes and prevent it rolling away. The clip also doubles as a clicker to retract the nib, so there is no lid to lose and dry out your pen, shortening its lifespan. This is a more convenient position than at the end of a pen as it cannot be accidentally clicked in a bag or pencilcase when on the go.

The cool, youthful style and slimline body will make students the envy of their class, and is 50% recycled and can be refilled so they can keep it with them their whole academic career! This makes the Pilot FriXion a kind pen for the environment, reducing plastic waste whilst saving you money. As 0.7mm is written on the barrel, you will always know which refills to choose even in years to come. .

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