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Pilot G2 Gel Ink Rollerball Pens, Pink – Pack of 12

Key Features:
•Water-based gel ink – effortless, smooth writing with consistent ink flow
•Leaves behind clear and vivid markings with no ink blobs or skipping
•Acid-free ink prevents deterioration – ideal for archival use
•Retractable – clicks on and off, no lid to lose!
•Cleary displayed ink level and comfortable grip for long periods of writing
•Refillable – environmentally friendly

Pilot G2 Rollerball Clicker Pens are retractable ink gel pens ideal for long periods of writing or archival use. The comfortable grip and smooth, consistent ink flow make writing a breeze, leaving behind professional looking and highly readable results that will not deteriorate over time. These high quality pens are a sensible choice in schools, workplaces and even the home where writing should be effortlessly enjoyable.

Please note this pen uses pink ink.

Water-Based Gel Ink
As the Pilot G2 is a rollerball pen, it uses water-based gel ink, which is an attractive and practical ink for general and specialist use alike. Its feel and appearance are similar to that of fountain pens, with a smooth, vivid, clear look and consistent flow that doesn’t skip or leave blobs of ink like oil-based ballpoint pens. Gel inks are also brighter than alternatives due to the pigments used, and will leave a greater impression on your work as a result.

It will write fluidly with minimal pressure, helping reduce tiredness and cramping of the hand, and increasing the efficiency of your writing. This is particularly ideal for long periods of writing such as at school, during meetings and conferences, or for journaling.

The ink is also smudge-proof, water-resistant and acid-free, making it ideal for important or archival work as it will not deteriorate over time.

Functional Design
Pilot G2 includes an ergonomic cushioned grip for comfortable writing over long periods, and easier control over the nib for neat and tidy work every time. At the end of the pen is a clicker so there is no lid to lose and dry out your pen, shortening its lifespan. Also included is a clip to secure to clothes and prevent the pen from rolling away – perfect for busy environments on taking with you on the go.

The simple yet elegant design of the pen fits in perfectly in professional environments, and clearly displays the ink level so you can always come to important meetings prepared.

Quality Construction
With a high resistance tungsten carbide ball, the nib is durable for children who apply extra pressure. The medium nib is 0.7mm and produces a medium 0.39mm line width to leave you with clean results that pair readability with a professional finish.

As this pen accepts refills, you can reduce plastic waste and re-use the same pen again and again – save the planet and save yourself some money with the Pilot G2! .