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Helix Whiteboard Pens, Broad Tip, Assorted Colours – Pack of 4

Key Features:
•Premium quality drywipe pens from leading brand Helix
•Erases easily after several days
•Drywipe for use on whiteboards and other non-porous surfaces
•Broad tip pen style – easy to write with and creates consistent, bold lines (2mm)
•Neutral odour for comfortable long term use

Helix Whiteboard Pens provide leading brand quality with economy prices. They are particularly recommended for classroom whiteboard use due to their ability to erase after several days – ideal for forgetful children. With high quality, vivid ink, markings will also appear bold and legible even from across a classroom for hassle-free classroom whiteboard work.

A Classroom Favourite
Manufactured by Helix, you can rest assured these whiteboard pens are of exceptional quality, yet do not carry the high pricetag of other market leaders. This has made Helix products a favourite in classrooms for teachers and students alike.

Where children can often neglect erasing their board after a lesson, Helix Whiteboard Pens are a lifesaver, erasing with ease even when left alone for several days. As a drywipe pen, the ink will easily wipe away with no need for water or chemicals, and will not leave unsightly stains behind either.

Perfect for Academia
Each pen uses a 2mm broad tip, which is ideal for creating thick, even lines and markings as opposed to finer text. The bold, vivid ink also makes the colour stand out and appear highly visible on a whiteboard. In combining the high quality ink and broad tip, any markings will appear legible from across a classroom, making them ideal for groupwork and holding up whiteboards for teachers to see.

Each Helix Whiteboard Pen is ‘blocked’ to ensure the tip cannot be pushed into the barrel, meaning the high pressure exerted by children will not cause the pens to become unusable before their time. The neutral odour of these pens also makes them ideal in classrooms where children may feel uncomfortable or become distracted by the smell of alternative whiteboard pens.

Pens vs Markers
Unlike whiteboard markers, these whiteboard pens use a thin pen-style body that is familiar to the user, and easier to control for precise or detailed work such as long division and graph drawing. They are also well-suited to professional use and home use when creating lists or writing for extending periods of time and greater comfort is desired.

As a drywipe product, these pens not only write on whiteboards, but glass, metal, mirrors and other smooth, non-porous surfaces as well. Any accidental marks can be cleaned from surfaces like tables and chairs too, ensuring whiteboards – as well as your furniture – last a long time.

Colours Included:

400m write out length. .