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edding Colourpen Fine Colouring Pens, Assorted Colours – Pack of 12


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Key Features:
• Fine tip for precision – 0.5-1mm line width
• Bullet shaped nib for consistent lines
• Soft yet hardwearing fibre tips are durable and flow smoothly across the page
• Water-based ink for safety and a neutral smell
• Ink is washable, smudge-proof, quick-drying and lightfast
• 3 day cap off life

Edding Fine Colourpens are a premium option designed for use in educational and professional environments where the highest quality is required. With an unbeatable cap off life, hardwearing soft fibre bullet nibs and child-safe water-based ink, this pack of Colourpens from leading brand edding is guaranteed to impress all who use them.

A Practical Choice
Looking to try out some new pens but not prepared to splash out on a classpack? Order this low-priced pack of 12 to test out edding Colourpens without any risk.

A pack of 12 pens is the perfect size for personal use, smaller classes or for those who don’t colour too often, as well as for replacing dry or missing pens in your existing classpack. It is also always a good idea to keep a few spare packs of 12 around if any last minute mid-term replenishments are required.

By choosing individual packs over a bulk box of pens, you only pay for what you need and it is easier to share pens between tables or groups, guaranteeing each gets equal resources without the time and effort of counting manually.

Each pack contains a broad assortment of 12 brilliant colours with fantastic colour mixing capabilities, specially selected to incorporate the full spectrum found in everyday life. This will give artists the freedom to draw and colour whatever they can imagine, with no bounds to hold back their creativity.

Fine Tip
The pens use a fine nib which creates thin 0.5-1mm lines and allows you to carry out more complex, detailed work beyond simple block colouring. For more intricate work, the ultra-fine lines will ensure maximum precision and a higher quality outcome than with cheaper alternatives.

High Quality Nib
These pens use a bullet shaped nib, which creates consistent, even lines for maximum precision and minimal risk of mistakes – perfect for important projects. The soft fibre tips are also highly durable for extensive colouring and drawing on paper surfaces.

Whilst soft tips will flow smoothly across the page, the hardwearing fibre construction protects against the high pressure exerted by young children when colouring. The nibs will not become misshapen and unusable as result, causing less frustration and ensuring a longer life and better value.

Superior Ink
Edding are a well-respected brand that stand for high quality and specialise in making reliable pens. Colourpens can remain uncapped for up to 3 days without drying out, perfect for forgetful children!

This cap off technology is possible in part due to the high-quality ink, which is smudge-proof, quick-drying and lightfast for extreme practicality. It also has a neutral smell due to its water-based formulation, which is much safer for children than alcohol or solvent based alternatives.

The ink is also washable at 40 °C with soap and water for easy removal from clothes and skin and a stress-free experience every time!

Colours Included:
•Dark Blue
•Light Blue
•Light Green
•Dark Green

Made in Germany. For the same product in a pack of 288, please see 715931.

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