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Hermes Heavy Duty Box File, A4, Polypropylene, Metallic Silver

Hermes really have thought of everything in the making of their heavy duty box files. Aside from a beautiful metallic spine and sleek translucent body, the many unique practical features are surprisingly impressive too. Other box files can only hope to match up to the high standard set by Hermes, and after trying them out, it’s only a matter of time before all your file storage and transportation systems are switched to this one.

Whilst other box files utilise greyboard, Hermes use a polypropylene construction that is five times more durable. This material is resistant to denting and scratching and is waterproof, the latter of which allows you to transport the file through poor weather without worry and wipe the file clean of dirt and spills, helping you appear professional in business meetings where impressions really matter. The coloured spine and translucent cover assist this aim further, making sure you can catch eyes and be well remembered.

Much like a briefcase - but without the pricetag - the file has a retractable handle to make transportation just as easy as storage, meaning you will no longer will you have to spend money on additional files with different functions. Unlike other file types, a box file can offer superior protection to the files inside as none of the interior is exposed as with lever arch files or ring binders.

Inside the file, there is an internal spring clip mechanism to give documents more stability whilst on the go, which can be especially helpful for clippings and pieces of paper that are different sizes. There is also a removeable label for easy identification, which can be further enhanced by using the blue and purple coloured spines in the same Hermes range for theming and sorting different types of documents. Although the files are optimised for transportation, ESD anti-static protection is guaranteed with these files to make them equally ideal for an office environment with computers too.

You will be able to store or carry 600 sheets of 80gsm A4 documents within the lightweight 523g box file, which is more than the average box file allows.

• H: 320mm
• L: 288mm
• D: 78mm

Recycling Information: 100% recyclable. Check local recycling for more information.