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Clear PVC Book Covers, A4 – Pack of 100

These non-adhesive, clear A4 book covers help protect your paperback books for a longer lifespan and more hygienic use. With YPO’s great value bulk pack of 100, even those on a budget can keep their full library safe and save plenty of money in the long run.

Greater Lifespan
Book covers are great for making sure your books are kept in tip top condition, preventing scuffs to corners, damage caused by food and drink spillages, and accidental bending of the cover when stored or transported incorrectly. This results in a longer lifespan and infrequent replacement, saving money in the long run. Covers are particularly recommended in messy art or science classrooms, and for unpredictable home schooling.

Superb Hygiene
Book covers also ensure greater levels of hygiene in schools and libraries where resources are to be shared with others; covers can be easily cleaned or replaced and will not harbour as many germs due to the material. Hygiene is particularly a key concern following the COVID-19 pandemic, and book covers will help to provide a great deal of reassurance in the aftermath.

Robust PVC
Each of the book covers is made from PVC that, although highly flexible, is extremely durable and tear resistant. This allows covers to be fitted or removed with ease, and re-used on newer books without any noticeable reduction in quality.

PVC is also a waterproof material, meaning any spillages can simply be wiped away - and with a tight, secure fit, no leaks will occur either. Any tougher stains such as dry food or paint spillages can be wet cleaned without fear of damaging the book, and without a trace of evidence left behind.

The ultra-clear material allows book covers to remain identifiable for display and immediate use rather than storage.

Fantastic Quality
These particular covers are made for A4 size paperback books – such as exercise books and school textbooks – and will fit snugly with the adjustable back flap to eliminate the need for adhesives. Non-adhesive covers are ideal for temporary use and prevent any damage to the book itself.

At 180 microns, each cover is super thick for perfect protection against dust, spillages and germs, as well as a greater tear resistance compared to thinner alternatives.

Dimensions: 297(H) x 425mm(W)

For the same product in alternate sizes, please see the following: 210 x 303mm - 703546; 210 x 320mm - 703544; 198 x 310mm - 703543; 298 x 500mm - 703545; 230 x 363 - 703548

Book Measuring Guide
We recommend the following exercise in advance of ordering these book covers to check the size you require is a suitable fit:

1. First measure and make a note of the height of the front cover in mm.
2. Next, measure the width of the front cover in mm, the width of the back cover in mm and the width of the spine section in mm. Add these 3 dimensions together and this will give you the total book width.
3. If the height of the front cover is the same height as the jacket, and the total width of the book is less than the width of the jacket, then the cover will be an ideal fit.