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BIC® 4 Colour Original Ballpoint Pen - Silver

The BIC® 4 Colour Original Ballpoint Pen is a 1.0mm point ball pen with 4 coloured inks. The metallic tone of the barrel makes for an interesting and unique pen that will impress in professional or sophisticated settings. The small loop at the top is a lanyard loop that can be attached to any lanyard so you never lose your pen and always have it with you for last minute meetings. The smooth sliders at the top of the barrel make for easy colour selection, and the distinct and exciting range of colours is ideal for clear distinction of themes and points, or for making writing more fun and eye-catching.

The colours included are commonly used to distinguish main text, notes and marking, making it ideal for teachers, students, and everyone in between. Instead of carrying around (and losing) multiple pens that use lots of plastic, the 4 colour pen is a profound solution to condense everything you need to complete academic or office based work into one easy tool.

• Black
• Blue
• Red
• Green One pen only.

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