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YPO 30 Piece Whiteboard Kit - Plain


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This 30 pupil class pack provides everything you need for whiteboard based activities. With enough boards, pens and erasers for every pupil, every child will be able to participate in quizzes, games and other activities whether in class or on a school trip.

With YPO, low price does not mean low quality. We understand that buying for your school can be a stressful time and the budget is not always ideal. However, with a class pack whiteboard kit, you will receive high quality and long-lasting products that have been designed to see you through the full school year at minimum. Buying a convenient class pack over individual products allows you to keep the cost per pupil much lower and saves time compared to shopping around for compatible boards, pens and erasers.

What’s Included?
• 30 YPO Plain Whiteboards
• 30 YPO Whiteboard Marker Pens
• 30 YPO Wooden Erasers
• 1 Purple Gratnells Tray With Clear Lid

Each flexible, anti-scratch whiteboard is plain on both sides so pupils can quickly show alternate answers without having to erase them every time. Children can write yes/no, true/false, or other A/B style answers on opposing sides that they will find infinitely more fun and engaging than writing answers on paper. Plain boards allow freedom in comparison to lined or squared boards as they allow children to write or draw as creatively as they please. As whiteboards are re-usable and can last years, using them for class activities also helps reduce paper consumption, so you can save on the school budget whilst saving the planet. Each whiteboard is 1mm thick with dimensions of 28(W) x 23(H)cm.

Whiteboard Pens
Each whiteboard pen has a fine nib that produces writing that is clear and legible to a teacher at the other side of a classroom regardless of pressure applied and the angle that is used to write. As children can use lots of pressure when writing, we have made sure these pens have a tougher nib than other markers so they don’t splay and become unusable. In addition, the high quality European vivid inks used in each pen have been specially formulated to extend the write out length, guaranteeing a longer life span than other markers and fantastic value for money. To maintain the life of the pen, store horizontally and replace the cap when not in use. The cap is single vented to ensure safety. Not suitable for children under 3 years due to choking hazard. Each fine nib is 2.4mm wide and produces a line width between 1mm and 2mm. Pen length 26.6mm.

Wooden Erasers
Wooden erasers make for a much longer lifespan than softer alternatives that can be ripped, torn or irreversibly misshapen. The wood is moulded for easy handling with grooves for smaller fingers to hold, whereas the anti-scratch sponge on the underside wipes away marks with little effort. When used alongside our YPO whiteboards and pens, you will find no marks or stains are left behind, helping keep your whiteboard kit looking good as new the whole school year.

Gratnells Tray
The Gratnells tray enables easy carrying so you can take the whiteboard kit with you, as well as convenient storage so you don’t lose any of the items. The clear lid lets you see the contents without having to remove it, as well as allowing stacking with other trays for classrooms with limited space. At 427(L)mm x 312(W)mm x 75(D)mm, you can also fit them in a tray unit alongside other trays. Plain Whiteboard

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