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Freestanding Whiteboard Signs - Pack of 3 Shapes (Arrow, Rectangle, Octagon)

  • Freestanding Whiteboard Signs - Pack of 3 Shapes (Arrow, Rectangle, Octagon)

Key Features:
• Freestanding – perfect for events
• Drywipe board on each side
• Magnetic whiteboard surfaces
• Add water or sand to base for added stability

Get the message across with these freestanding whiteboard signs! With a robust frame, stable base and eye-catching, compact drywipe surface, important information can take centre stage like never before. Whether a permanent fixture or used for temporary events, any short, sharp messages will be both greatly welcomed and impossible to miss.

Unique Shaped Design
This pack of 3 contains one octagonal, one rectangular, and one arrow-shaped sign to satisfy various needs:

The arrow-shaped sign aids with directions. It is possible to tilt the arrow in all directions and lock it in place for greater accuracy, including diagonally for staircases and directly forwards for use in long hallways for example.

The octagonal sign replicates the shape of a stop sign, and is universally recognised and understood as such. It is useful for encouraging queues and limiting entry to closed facilities, restricted areas or spaces at full capacity.

Finally, the rectangular sign is highly versatile for general use, and is perfect for displaying notices where the other shapes are not appropriate, whether this be to deliver directions, instructions or reminders, reinforce health and safety requirements, or answer FAQs.

As the drywipe board can be erased and re-used for various applications, this set of signs is ideal in spaces that frequently need to disseminate important messages to lots of people, such as those who regularly host one-time events, private functions, or unfamiliar visitors. This may include educational institutions, music venues, sporting arenas, tourist attractions, clubs, healthcare facilities, museums, airports and gyms - among many others.

By using freestanding whiteboard signs, customer queries will be drastically reduced and crowd control greatly improved, saving valuable time for staff and creating a positive experience all around.

As many notices often contain essential information yet are also often ignored, a physical barrier with high visibility is vital. Compared to standard signage confined to the walls, a freestanding sign can be optimally placed for the best visibility, and will draw much greater attention with its unique, eye-catching appearance and placement. With its size also rendering it a physical barrier, its instructions cannot be ignored, resulting in less confusion, fewer incidents of trespassing, improved visitor safety, and less time and effort expended by busy staff.

A reusable whiteboard sign also saves paper compared to printed alternatives, and will not require costly, time-consuming and unreliable lamination or blu-tack for application. Any information that is subject to change can be done so instantly with minimal effort when using a whiteboard.

The whiteboards themselves are double sided to aid visitors at all angles and allow the provision of two separate messages if required. The board surfaces also accept magnets to hold paper, maps, flyers and other materials, as well as magnetic pens and erasers for instant use and quick updates.

Robust Construction
For a lightweight yet durable and robust construction, each frame, pole and circular base is constructed from plastic. This makes it easier to set up and pack away the signs as needed, and greatly reduces cost compared to alternatives such as metal.

For increased stability in high traffic areas, the design allows sand or water to be added into each base. By weighing the signs down this way, minor movements from vibrations, wind or people brushing past are prevented to ensure the signs always remain in their place. Intentional tampering will also be more difficult, especially for young children who are more likely to do so. It is recommended to fill the base when used permanently, in high traffic areas, or near doorways.

•Arrow – Sign: 430 x 650 (H x W). Stand Height: 1632mm
•Rectangle – Sign: 645 x 435 (H x W). Stand Height: 1650mm
•Octagon – Sign: 565 x 565 (H x W). Stand Height: 1650mm

Also available individually: Arrow – D15690; Rectangle – D15691; Octagon – D15692 .

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