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Ultimate Loop Leg Flipchart Easel – Black

  • Ultimate Loop Leg Flipchart Easel – Black

Key Features:
• Tilts and locks at chosen angle for optimal viewing
• Can be used flat as a table
• Double sided - magnetic drywipe surfaces
• Coated steel – best value whiteboard surface
• Flip chart holder for A1 flip pads

Ultimate by name, ultimate by nature, this flipchart easel’s numerous unique features yet remarkably low price make it our unbeatable number one bestseller. With a tilting, double-sided magnetic whiteboard, discreet A1 flip pad holder, and stable loop leg base, style and practicality are embedded throughout the design to ensure complete satisfaction for all users.

This product comes with express 7-10 day delivery. Which each black easel purchased you will receive a pack of 4 assorted colour marker pens and a pack of 10 assorted colour magnets!

Quality Magnetic Surface
The coated steel drywipe whiteboard surface provides high durability at a low cost – perfect for standard everyday use – and provides magnetism that cheap laminate surfaces do not. This allows you to affix prepared notes, study aids, maps, charts and more to better assist both the presenter and the listener.

Dual Faced Design
The whiteboard is dual faced with both sides plain white. With twice the writing area of a standard whiteboard yet the same dimensions, smaller areas can host presentations, conferences and other events just as effectively as with a wall-mounted board, but with the additional benefit of mobility for external events.

A dual-faced design also allows the user to plan lessons in advance or conceal information to be revealed later for a smoother, more efficient teaching and learning experience.

2-in-1 Use
At the top of the whiteboard is a flip pad holder which accepts A1 sized pads for when the temporary nature of a whiteboard surface is insufficient for the task at hand. The hangers will hold the pad neatly in place, whilst the metal clamp provides stability when writing and assists with the removal of completed sheets. Compared to alternatives, the metal clamp is quite small to allow sheets to be folded over the top rather than torn off the flip pad.

Fully Adjustable
Like other flipchart easels, the board’s height can be adjusted to suit the presenter’s preference or obtain optimal visibility for the viewer, including small children and wheelchair users.

Unlike other easels however, the board can be angled downwards for children to see easier when seated, upwards for better visibility at the back of lecture theatres, or completely flat to create a level surface. This surface can then be used as a table for collaborative work, individual use, or simply to aid pad preparation.

Frame Style
The easel is made from steel for a durable, damage-resistant construction that won’t let you down – even with heavy use. Despite this, the easel remains extremely lightweight at just 7.15kg, and thanks to the loop leg style will fold away into a much more compact shape perfect for travelling.

The loop leg base is also beneficial for its stability, resisting the tipping and falling that is experienced by those with individual legs. The base can also be used as a foot bar for greater stability when writing, and features small feet to prevent any skidding across the floor.

At the bottom of the board is a full width pen tray to ensure your resources are always to hand.

Combining a bold frame colour with an intelligent and versatile design, the Ultimate Loop Leg Easel is a stylish product that is guaranteed to make an impression wherever it counts.

•Board: 860 x 650mm (H x W)
•Frame: Height adjustable up to 1720mm

Optional carry case also available – D12353. For the same product in different colours, please see the following: Grey - D15918; Red - D12352; Blue - D12349; Green - D16186; White - D15919 .

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