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Trapezoidal Stacking Table, Ailsa, Light Grey Crushed Bent Steel Frame, Charcoal PU Edges – 590mm(H)

A favourite in the classroom, and understandably so, is the crushed bent steel frame trapezoidal table. After years of research and development, experts at Metalliform have designed the ultimate solution in classroom furniture, taking the most durable materials on the market and finishing them with their own unique, attractive style. With efficient processes and decades in the industry to drive down manufacturing costs, it is impossible to find tables of this quality elsewhere for such a bargain price.

Each table has a 590mm high worktop, making them ideal for children aged 6-8. For optimal comfort, posture, and lumbar support however, it is important to select chairs that suit this height; in this case, chairs with a seat height of 350mm. In doing so, not only will children avoid pain and poor posture during long periods of sitting, but your classroom furniture will also comply with BS EN 1729:2016. These tables come with charcoal edges, a light grey frame and an Ailsa top - if a blue silk or beech top would better suit your classroom aesthetic, please see D25797 or D25803, respectively.

These tables are designed with a multi-purpose trapezoidal shape that is adaptable to anything from socialising to individual learning and group projects. It incorporates defined edges to stop pupils fighting over space, whilst simultaneously creating an attractive geometric aesthetic and optimising classroom space when used with other tables. With the hardwearing crushed bent steel frame finished with smooth, glossy epoxy powder coating, it has never been easier to achieve contemporary style that is guaranteed to persist in even the most demanding environments.

These tables are designed to stack together to an impressive 8 tables high, making them ideal for multi-use classrooms that often need to clear some space. To enable this, the legs protrude sideways from beneath the table top, which despite giving children more room to sit comfortably, prevents tables fitting snuggly together on all sides when pushed together. A non-stacking table on the other hand allows a tight, seamless finish which may be preferable for classrooms where groupwork takes place.

Each of these tables is constructed using 18mm thick MDF with a high-pressure laminate finish. This provides an inexpensive yet durable and smooth surface which makes the table both stylish and functional in a learning environment. This is accompanied by high impact Duraform PU edges, again adding to the aesthetic whilst simultaneously providing protection. Unlike alternatives, Duraform PU edges are famous for their ability to resist scratching and chipping without needing to be re-treated over time. Duraform is also applied as a spray so cannot be picked off by bored pupils.

Also durable is the crushed bent steel frame underneath, which provides unmatched resilience when supporting heavy weight, and is longer lasting than any other frame material on the market. Its epoxy powder coating finish is resistant to abrasions, impact, temperature and chemicals, helping protect the look of the frame throughout its lifespan. In fact, with this combination of materials, we can proudly offer a 15 year guarantee to help your school make the most of its tight budget.

590mm x 1100mm x 550mm (H x W x D)

Delivered fully assembled. Made in the UK. BS EN 1729:2016 compliant to encourage good posture in an educational institution when matched with 350mm chairs.

For the same table in alternative heights, please see: 460mm(H) - D25789; 530mm(H) – D25790; 640mm(H) - D25792; 710mm(H) - D25793; 760mm(H) – D25794 .

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