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Economy Irregular Octagonal Tilt Top Table, MDF Edges, 4 Locking Castors – 640mm(H)

A tilt top table is the ideal solution for dining rooms, multi-use classrooms and temporary events. With a simple to operate folding mechanism and lightweight construction, it has never been quicker or easier to make space, especially at such good value. Experts at Metalliform have specially selected materials that will last for years without faltering - without the fancy extras and unnecessary mark-up that most schools can’t afford.

Each table is 640mm in height, making them ideal for children aged 8-11. For optimal comfort, posture, and lumbar support however, it is important to select chairs that suit this height; in this case, chairs with a seat height of 380mm. In doing so, not only will children avoid pain and poor posture during long periods of sitting, but your furniture will also comply with BS EN 1729:2016.

Tilt top tables are designed for those who aspire to save space. They are commonly used in dining rooms, which in many schools double as a PE area, performance area, or assembly hall. Of course any multi-use room can benefit from the convenient mobility and space-saving design, but as the tables have a large surface area, they are best in spaces where large groups will sit together.

When standing, the frame uses a metal ‘T’ bar to lock in place, creating a sturdy and reliable tabletop that can’t be accidentally titled. To put the table down, simply unhooking the bar and tucking it away will allow the table to tilt, which can easily be performed by all ages and abilities. The lightweight construction removes all effort from manoeuvring the table, assisted by the 4 castors that will lock for safe storage and use.

These tables are designed with an irregular octagonal shape that facilitates groupwork and socialising, and uses defined edges to provide equal space for each pupil. This ensures no child will feel cramped or uncomfortable, which is particularly important when eating or socialising to create a positive experience of the activity. It also ensures that there are always enough spaces for everyone, and that available spaces can be identified from afar, unlike alternatives with no defined edges that can leave children with nowhere to sit or intimidated to approach a table that requires other pupils to make room. Something as simple as table shape can have a surprising impact on the happiness and social health of pupils, but an irregular octagonal table is a practical option for schools that can introduce even the shyest pupils to new groups of friends. Compared to equal octagonal tables, irregular ones are better for small spaces or smaller groups of pupils.

Each of these tables is constructed using 18mm thick MDF with a high-pressure laminate finish. This provides an inexpensive yet durable and smooth surface which makes the table both stylish and functional in a learning environment. This is accompanied by polished and lacquered MDF bullnose edges, which add to the aesthetic whilst simultaneously providing protection against chipping and other accidental damage over time. This is again an effective yet inexpensive solution compared to alternatives, as is the steel square tube frame which compromises neither on style nor function. The frame has been fully welded to keep the table intact throughout frequent use or movement, and incorporates a strong steel underframe for strength and stability far greater than a standard table can offer.

The tables stay in position using the ‘T’ bar that locks to the underside of the tabletop, which has been positioned strategically to support all sides of the table. The 4 lockable castors will also keep the table sturdy whether in use or in storage to ensure complete safety of your pupils. With this combination of features, we can proudly offer a 5 year guarantee to help you shop with confidence.

640mm x 1380mm x 1000mm (H x W x D)

Choose from the following options:
• Top Colour: Beech; Maple; Ailsa; Light Grey; White; Blue; Green; Red; Yellow

Supplied with 4 locking castors. Simple assembly required for castors and metal ‘T’ bar frame. Made in the UK. BS EN 1729:2016 compliant to encourage good posture in an educational institution when matched with 380mm chairs.

For the same table in alternative heights, please see: 590mm(H) - D10286; 710mm(H) – D10288; 760mm(H) - < .

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